Thursday, June 15, 2006

What’s Going On

This is my version of a “This is where I am right now” post – just a few newsy items with limited appeal, likely.
  • We are going to Raymond, Alberta next week for a Fellowship Baptist “Quick Build” project. Raymond is way down south in Mormon country, about 8 hours from here. The little church there has a concrete pad ready for a group of Baptists from all over the place to build upon. The goal is to have it to lockup by the end of the week, JW style (we do make provision for windows, however). My wife will be the head cook and my son and I will lend our considerable construction skills to the project (snort, chortle) and my daughters will be assisting with the dining duties. Needless to say, my already sparse blogging will be handicapped further from the 19th to the 24th.

  • My notebook computer has been in the shop for over two weeks now. The screen would go blank on me randomly. Of course the shop can’t duplicate my problem (it’s some unwritten rule of repair shops), but hopefully they’ll get ‘r done soon. Being one computer short around here is a real hardship (oh, I’m so soft).

  • We got ourselves a Chevy. I didn’t admit to Garry that we only had two Toyotas. Now I can look him in the eye if I ever meet him in person (missed my chance at Together for the Gospel, apparently). It’s not a ’66 Chevelle, sadly, but it’s a nice vehicle. A ’99 Suburban is not an Old Chevy by our reckoning (we don’t buy new vehicles). We’re thankful to have more room and the 4x4 will be welcome when the snow flies. Anyone looking for a ’92 Previa with lots of kms?

  • As I mentioned in my last post, I had to miss the last Oilers game due to a church meeting. The more I hear about that game, the more it sounds like it was a bad one to miss (ya, poor baby, I know). Today I went for coffee with a fellow who offered his TV for Saturday night’s game. He has a humungous LCD with HD (CBC broadcasts the games in HD). Then he remembered that he’s moving this weekend and likely won’t have the satellite hooked up by then. Oh well, we shall see (maybe I’ll hear it online again instead). Monday night is game 7 (right? right?) and we’ll be in Raymond. Out of the 50 people there, someone will host a game seven viewing party surely! Hopefully.

  • I do have some ideas for more serious posts. After the Raymond trip we’ll be more in summer mode, so hopefully I’ll have time to blog more (and hopefully have my laptop back).

  • I haven’t done a controversial post, oh, ever, so I’m thinking of doing “Why I’m Not a Dispensationalist.” I’m leaning towards a psychological angle, you know, how I was emotionally disturbed by watching “A Thief in the Night” when I was ten, or something.

  • It’s time to update and organize my blog. I have to add at least Kim and Rebecca to my blogroll and update my picture. And I have to organize the garage too.

  • It’s time for another “links” post. There’s lots of good stuff out there in the Reformed Baptist (or maybe not Baptist but should be Baptist), Gospel-centered, thoughtful corner of the blogosphere. However, I’m done for tonight.


BugBlaster said...

Oh yes. I can't wait for djp to karate chop you when you do the anti-dispensational post.

Be forewarned... controversial posts are really not fun.

Have a wonderful weekend!

stauf46 said...

You need to remember, Buggy, that very few people read my blog. Unless somebody tips off DJP, he'll never know.

Kim said...

Hey, I'm interested in hearing your posts about dispensationalism.

Terry, when you do controversial posts, you find out how many people actually do read your blog.

Garry Weaver said...

Hey Terry,
Congrats on the Chevy! I have a 4x4 Suburban too. I have a an S10 pickup, but it doesn't use nearly enough gas, so I got a suburban. Anyway, I know what you mean. I'm all set for snow.

stauf46 said...

Glad your ready for snow in Florida. Be prepared, right?

Gotta run and build that alligator trap in my back alley now ...