Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Pathetic ...

I'm not a bandwagon hopper, so I'm still an Oilers fan, but they'd better get their act together in Edmonton on Saturday.


Ian said...

I know I keep posting on here about the Oilers, but other than my wife, you're my only outlet.
I actually thought the Oilers played a stronger game than the 'Canes. In fact, it may have been one of the stronger games I've seen them play all series.
And the goals scored against them were often stupid goals that bounced off of someone in front of the net. It's hard to blame a goalie for those.
It must be quite hard for the team though, I feel bad for them.

Kim said...

I saw this as I was having breakfast this morning. I commented to Buggy that it must be a dull morning at your place.

stauf46 said...

Ian, you are generous. I don't blame Jussi, but I don't think it was a great game. MacTavish said that they were playing like a bunch of individuals that were "trying to be the difference," i.e. individual vs. team. I do think they will be much sharper on Saturday.

Kim, yes, it was a pretty dull morning. It's raining too, but not just on Oilers fans (though, come to think of it, I think they said on the radio that it isn't raining south of Red Deer ...).