Sunday, June 26, 2011


Just before pronouncing the benediction at church today, I asked the people to stay for a brief meeting. Most people stayed and I announced that we are moving to Calgary in September. Fourteen years in Edson will be coming to an end in two months.

This was a very hard announcement to make. We are excited about the move, but we are also sad about leaving a great church and many friends. People have been very supportive. This is a positive time at the church. I would not want to leave when people were anxious for me to leave, but it is also hard to leave when they want me to stay.

I'll provide more details about what's next in future posts, but for now, we are going to be in transition. We'll get the house ready for the market and I'll start scouting for work in Calgary. We've already done a bunch of de-cluttering and fixing up around the house. We've been calling it spring cleaning, but now that our secret is out, we can finish up and get the house listed.

If you have any leads on work in the Calgary area, I'm all ears.

I will still plan to be in ministry, but it will look quite different. We're trusting God with the details, but we're convinced that this is His leading for this season in life.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Update that App?

One of the joys of having an iPhone is the app update game. The other day, I received notification that my Olive Tree ESV Bible Reader app wanted an update. I noticed in the description that there were are lot of changes, so, instead of just installing it, I read the list of updates. One line caught my attention:

"Made a change that should not affect anything, but could cause a whole slew of new issues."

What's that supposed to mean? I haven't run this update, but I have been pondering that curious offer to give my software "a whole slew of new issues."
- Could it be that the software folks are tired of writing update lists that no one ever reads (is anyone paying attention out there?)?
- Is an ex-Microsoft programmer on the loose at Olive Tree?
- Is this such an extensive update that the company doesn't know what will happen when it is sent out into the wild?

I have been waiting for an update to this update before I update (if you followed that).

Life is weird in the digital age.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mom's Birthday

My Mom would have been 87 today. However, as of May 19, 2010, she is ageless. I miss Mom; death is still a terrible enemy. I am thankful that she is not suffering the pain of her cancer any more. During her last couple of days, she said, "I want to see Jesus" several times. She is now experiencing her greatest wish!

Regarding my health, I'm getting a little stronger each day. I am going to attempt preaching tomorrow for the first time since May 15. We have a busy day scheduled, so we'll see how it goes.