Friday, June 24, 2011

Update that App?

One of the joys of having an iPhone is the app update game. The other day, I received notification that my Olive Tree ESV Bible Reader app wanted an update. I noticed in the description that there were are lot of changes, so, instead of just installing it, I read the list of updates. One line caught my attention:

"Made a change that should not affect anything, but could cause a whole slew of new issues."

What's that supposed to mean? I haven't run this update, but I have been pondering that curious offer to give my software "a whole slew of new issues."
- Could it be that the software folks are tired of writing update lists that no one ever reads (is anyone paying attention out there?)?
- Is an ex-Microsoft programmer on the loose at Olive Tree?
- Is this such an extensive update that the company doesn't know what will happen when it is sent out into the wild?

I have been waiting for an update to this update before I update (if you followed that).

Life is weird in the digital age.

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