Saturday, June 17, 2006

Game 7 on Monday!

Shutout for Jussi, another game winner for Fernando (plus three insurance goals). What a game!

Carolina is good. The Oilers can't let down the intensity at all, but they've proven they play very well with their backs to the wall. They're still facing elimination on Monday, but so are the Hurricanes!


Ian said... was great while it lasted. The Oilers should be proud of their performance throughout the latter half of the series.
Again, I think they were the better team last night. If they had capitlised on some of their excellent opportunities, it would be a different story.
It does suck that Lord Stanley stayed in the South.

BugBlaster said...

They were close. Getting a chance to pull your goalie to tie it late in the third in game seven is pretty good. But sorry about the bitterness of the pill.

BeachLover said...

My condolences to all loyal Canadians on the Oilers' loss on Monday night. They played a valiant game, but I must disagree with Ian -- the better team did win. Carolina outskated, outhit and out-maneuvered the Oilers in Game 7 (unlike in Game 6). When the Oilers did get through, Cam Ward was solid in net.

Overall, it was a great series -- the two teams were very evenly matched. The drama of the Carolina team is very compelling -- the emergence of a rookie (Cam Ward), the persistence of a quiet leader (Brind'amour), the patience of a veteran (Wesley), the comeback of an injured star (Cole) -- the stuff of legends. This was probably one of the most exciting NHL finals I've seen for a while.