Thursday, June 15, 2006

We’ve Got Ourselves a Series!

How ‘bout them Oilers! Pisani, short-handed in overtime! I missed seeing the game, we had a quarterly meeting at the church tonight (we had a quorum, which either shows the dedication of the church members or the lack of hope in the Oilers). Right after the meeting, a couple of guys went into the office and hit “refresh” on the Oilers home page (which I left up before the meeting) and announced the results.

And, yes, it was a good meeting. I love our church!


BugBlaster said...

Is someone doing a happy dance right now?

stauf46 said...

I'm a Baptist. Baptists don't dance (at least not when anyone is looking).

BugBlaster said...

Ha. The original version of my question was "Is the Baptist Pastor doing a happy dance?" but I didn't want anyone to catch you.

Ian said...

Man, what a game to miss!
It was incredible. Both Vicky and I jumped and screamed when Pisani got the breakaway and scored. It was such a rush, after having screamed at the TV over the ref giving the Oilers a lame penalty.