Thursday, April 27, 2006

T4G Thursday Night

It has been a good day. Other than the busyness associated with nearly 3000 people, it has been an enjoyable time. Tonight John Piper was profound, as was the panel afterwards. I’ll be chewing on that material for a while. I hope and pray that it will bear fruit in my ministry.

I met several more people. One thing about coming alone is that it forces me out of my comfort zone more than I’m used to (I’m not a gregarious, slap-happy pastor – I’d stink at selling used cars). At supper, I went back to the food court that’s about 4 blocks away again (Chinese food this time, Subway the previous two times). I found a table with another single T4G badged individual. He was with a group, but they hadn’t made it to his table. We had a good chat and even found out that we were both bloggers (his site is Pressing Godward). I feel oldish here (not a word, I know, but I didn’t want to just say “old”). One reason is that there are so many 20 somethings. Another reason is that I’ve been taking the stairs. To the 14th floor. About 5 times today. Let’s just say that my cardiovascular fitness still needs some work. Wait times for the elevators have been really long. This conference is pushing the capacity of this place. Not to mention my heart and lungs.

I need to head to bed. The Oilers will have to win without my attention tonight (they just tied it 2-2!). TV news about hockey is pitiful here and I don’t feel like staying up in a public area refreshing the Oilers website for the next hour or so! I could listen to I could turn it up loud around a guy I met from Michigan yesterday. Maybe not.

Speaking of internet, I’m actually standing outside the elevators on the 18th floor with my laptop on a buffet thing (our floor has chairs by the elevator). There is no wireless on the 14th floor, but Marc Heinrich of Purgatorio said that there was wireless on his floor. I may look goofy here, but I didn’t want to walk all the way back to the Conservatory.

Speaking of Purgatorio, Marc snapped a picture of several bloggers, including that New Lumps guy and posted it on his site. I have a big smile because Marc said something funny. He’s like that. You’d never know it from his blog.

Speaking of …

Oh, forget it. It’s late and I don’t want to sleep in tomorrow. CJ at 8:00!

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Caleb said...

Hey Terry! Thanks for the link to my blog. It was really cool talking to you. I wasn't able to stay until friday, I had to drive back to Illinois last night. I heard that MacArthur was great. It was such an amazing conference. I hope we can stay in touch via blog. Take it easy.