Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crazy April

I knew April was going to be a busy month.
  • To Montreal for a Fellowship French Missions board meeting during the first week.

  • Home renovations off and on all month (and into May). Laminate flooring, painting 8 doors, trim and baseboard (primer and two coats). I’m all done that part, except for the reinstallation of the bi-fold closet doors and the transition pieces between different flooring materials. Coming up: New shingles, soffit and fascia, several new windows and a new back door plus the usual spring yard work. We’re getting help from a real carpenter for the roof, I’m planning to do the soffit and fascia, but we’re having the windows and door professionally installed.

  • My wife’s birthday is on Monday. We’re celebrating by going to music festival in Hinton – Juanita and Emily are playing. I guess I should plan something else too – though we’ve done our dinner out and I bought Juanita an early gift.

  • To Louisville for Together for the Gospel next week (can’t wait, though I’ll miss the family).

  • Preaching, Bible study, keeping up with church people, other meetings and family stuff. The usual busy stuff.
Before I know it, it’ll be May. Life is good, though. The weather is fantastic these days – clear, sunny, warm. Everyone is healthy, and I haven’t injured myself for weeks – even during the renovations. Amazing. I even beat my son Josh at foosball a couple of times last night (he still wins the vast majority of games, though).

I have some thoughts regarding more profound blogs, but that’s all I have the energy for, just thoughts. By the end of the day I’m quite pooped, so I just toddle off to bed. Perhaps when I get back from Louisville I’ll have a theologically interesting blog. That lineup is bound to be inspirational.

Speaking of which, good night!

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