Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Done, Done, but Not Done

I'm done. It's been a long, tiring couple of days.

We're done laying the laminate flooring in the living room, hallway and three closets. I'm very thankful for the expertise and long hours - and tools - that a friend lent me (thanks a million, Daniel!). However, I'm not done the job. I have to paint and reattach baseboard and door mouldings and do the "transition pieces" where the laminate meets, well, non-laminate.

The job took longer than we expected, I had hoped to get more done while the family was in Edmonton (making room for the renos).

I'm missing my Internet time. Tonight, I took a quick look at a few key blogs (yes, that means you, my fellow Canadians, like Bugblaster, the Ruminator, Mr. Spud and the Cowboy. I have to checkTeam Pyro, Purgatorio and Cent. too, but that's it. Oh, and of course T4G - great post by Mark Dever today). I don't have the time or energy to read much or leave comments at my limited reads. I certainly don't have time to blog. 'Cept this one.

G'night! I should be "back" by the end of the week.

1 comment:

Dan S. said...

I've been blogging even less than you have, but thanks for including me on the list.

You must be getting amped up for T4G. I'm praying this would be a watershed conference... for the glorious Gospel of our LORD.