Wednesday, April 26, 2006

T4G 1

The first session was excellent, as expected. If you want an great summary, go see Tim Challies. I read Tim’s summaries a couple of minutes ago, and then chatted with him in the Conservatory. Weird. Cool, but almost surreal. I can just listen in the sessions because, 1. I know Tim’s taking notes, and 2. I can buy the messages later. Lazy, eh? (or, should I say “huh?” because I’m in the States?). Besides, pen and paper were not included with registration.

I met Timmy, Marc, Tim, Justin, Paul, Jason the “bloggers that I read,” several other Bloggers at “Band of Bloggers” and have chatted with several others. There is a huge crowd here. Someone said 2800 (unofficial), and I can believe it.

Band of Bloggers was really worthwhile. I’ll have to reflect on some of the discussion that came out of that meeting.

Even though he probably won’t read this, I’d like to say “thanks” particularly to Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds and Reformation 21 Blog). He’s a “name” around here, but he noticed that I was on my own here and took the trouble to befriend me and sat with me during the first session. And yes, I did tell him in person that I appreciated it!

It’s going to be a full day tomorrow, so I should head to my room. Besides, I don’t want to say too much. I know a couple of readers that would like to be here. I don’t want to aid and abet coveting (right, Dan?).  


Dan S. said...

That's pretty cool, Terry... getting to sit with Justin Taylor. Did you manage to get any good Piper stories?

Keep bringing the updates. I've asked for forgiveness in advance (Ugh... I'm getting deeper in trouble with every word - I'll stop).

BugBlaster said...

Hope you're having fun and being edified!

stauf46 said...

Thanks, guys.

The conference is great, but it's a little overwhelming. I have to get the messages and listen to them again.

No, Dan. No Piper stories. Missed my chance, I guess.


JT said...

Terry: It was great to meet you and fellowship with you, brother!