Saturday, April 29, 2006

Back Home

I am very thankful that I could attend Together for the Gospel, but I am even more thankful that I am home with my family.

If you would like to see more pictures, go visit Timmy Brister at Provocations and Pantings or go to (Timmy took the picture that's on this post).

Last night on the plane I read Humility, True Greatness by CJ. What a great book. I need to get some more copies to give away! It was good to be able to read a book cover to cover (it's not very big). I don't get to do that often.

I'll do a proper wrap-up post ... later. I should get on with my day.


Clint said...


I'm glad you had a good time down in Luhville. Did you meet up with any of the Ontario guys?

I trust you were refreshed. I look forward to connecting somehow in Alberta this summer.

stauf46 said...

I met (and had the honor of hanging out with for a bit) Paul and Tim on Wednesday. I briefly met Kirk as well. There were so many men there that it was hard to meet anyone a second time! I talked to Paul a few times and I would have liked to have visited for longer.

We are planning to vacation in Calgary / Kananaskis in July. I'd be pleased to track you and Dan down while we are there.