Monday, March 20, 2006

Waiting for Spring

It is March 20th - Spring is here! I took this picture a few minutes ago just outside our front door. Do you see the daffodils? The green grass? The tree buds? Sigh.

I shouldn't complain, Edmonton (2 hours East) set a new March snowfall record yesterday: 22cm (8.7 inches). We only had a few cms.

We've had a very mild winter - January and February were amazing. March, however, is making up for it.


BugBlaster said...

That's a nice birch tree. I bet it looks wonderful when covered with leaves and songbirds. We have no snow here but it's a little chilly for the time of year (-6C).

Dan S. said...

What's going on in the north? No snow here in Calgary...(That's the sound of my hands you hear rubbing it in.)

stauf46 said...

We like our birch tree, thanks Neil. It does look nice in the REAL springtime.

Dan, your snow just blows away and drifts up in Saskatchewan :)

BugBlaster said...

Ha. I used to live in Saskatchewan. The Calgary drifts all ended up in my driveway and were as hard as cement (slightly exaggarating).