Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blogger’s Back (?)

For the last couple of days Blogger has been doing strange things to my blog – you may have noticed. I have been poking around, trying to make it normal again. This is akin to the average bloke taking a big screwdriver and messing around inside the ‘black box’ under the hood of his new car when his check engine light comes on. My wise wife told me to leave it alone, but, of course, I didn’t do that.

If – perchance – you have this blog on a feed, I apologize for multiple posts that were really non-posts over the past few days. In all my ‘fixing,’ I ended up with worse formatting on a couple of posts than I would have had if I had left things alone.

I can’t speak for Blogger’s problems, but I’m thankful for all the nifty template-comment-picture-sidebar-whatnot doodads that they give me for free to do this blog, so I’ll stop complaining now.

Anyway, I’ve wasted enough time this morning – I have to go finish my sermon.

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