Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lost in Translation

I was poking around on EBay for a USB adaptor for my Laptop and came across this, uh, interesting description of a ‘produce.’ If you don’t want to link away from this page, here’s a sample:
PC Special Remote is self-contained digitally amusement project of PC console. You can expediently operate DVD/VCD/CD?MP3 of multi software play by our produce. The interface operate too easily .You can sit on the sofa,to watching and Playing . Also you ca optional choosing and repeated playing music or chapter what's your like. Through using this product you can perform the operting program of mouse and keyboard too. Let you full azimuth to operate computer in your spare time (insert one big SIC here).

I’m sure this person is a fine EBay citizen (lots of sales, great feedback), but he or she needs an English proof writer.


BugBlaster said...

I've seen this kind of grammar before. It sounds like a foreign language that's been translated into English by software, hence the strange senses assigned to some of the words. Possibly a bad idea to bid on this one!!

stauf46 said...

I'm actually looking for a bluetooth adaptor, but I took a look at IR stuff too - either would work with my Dell Axim PDA, though BT has more flexibility. My PDA won't sync with the cable anymore (I should've stuck with Palm!). I don't need a multimedia thing - I'm not even sure why I clicked on it. The hazards of EBay.

I am nervous about buying an adaptor from a "ships from Hong Kong" dealer. I bought a camera battery that way once, and nothing weird happened. BT adaptors are about $60 at Future Shop, but dirt cheap on EBay. Might there be a reason for that?