Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Old Clutz Strikes (the ice) Again

It’s 1:20 am and I’m sitting up on the couch. The time relates to when the ibuprofen wore off. Yep. I was playing hockey again.

On Monday, I went with my kids to the homeschool skate at our local arena, as is my custom. I jumped into a gentle game of pick-up hockey. About 8 weeks ago, I took a flying leap and tore a bicep muscle. This week, I fell on my back and hurt my ribs and neck muscles. I would trade this injury for the last one – at least I could sleep with my hurt arm (after the first night). I’m just too clumsy to play hockey.

Ooo – I just sneezed! The first time since Monday. Did that ever hurt. Aaargh!

Sorry for being such a whiner, but if you’ve ever had a rib injury, I’m sure you can relate. I haven’t seen a doctor yet – it didn’t seem so bad when I did it, but it is getting worse as the days go by. I booked an appointment for Monday to get my BP checked, so I’ll ask my Dr. to have a look then.

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