Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Team Pyro

One of my regular blogs is gone. Phil Johnson has closed Pyromaniac. All is not lost, however. He has immediately launched a team blog with some friends and his son (which is cool!). I have changed my link from Pyromaniac to Pyromaniacs (the new blog). It should be interesting.

One of the contributors to this blog is Frank Turk. I like Frank’s blog (CenturiOn), but I haven’t linked to it on my site. Frank can be a little edgy. Edgy is fine, but be warned. He has sort of said that he will be good on this group blog, but we’ll see. He can also be obtuse – at least for the uninitiated. Take, for example, his organ grinder monkey parable. I think he wrote this parable in light of the fact that many Christians are up in arms at the casting of Chad Allen in the Nate Saint role in The End of the Spear. He didn’t say that, I did. I trust Frank won’t want anyone accusing him of calling people monkeys. The parable stands on its own (though I think he gave the game away with the ‘to every tribe’ line).

Then again, he simply might have been reading too much Credenda Agenda. I gave up on reading Similitudes – their ‘Stories with a Point’ – years ago. I could never get the point.

To my kind readers who look at this occasional, but aren’t reading the same blogs that I do, my apologies. I’m sure this post seemed very strange! I’ll get back to more accessible fare next time.

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