Monday, January 23, 2006

Many Happy Returns?

Big Election Day in Canada today. Juanita and I are going to watch the returns with some friends around 8:00 because we don’t have TV. It should be interesting – it’s going to be a close race.

I enjoy following politics, but sometimes I feel ‘fenced-in’ by my self-imposed non-partisan stand as a pastor. I think anyone who knows me (and my region) could guess my private affiliations pretty easily, but I don’t want to let my choice of political party get in the way of anyone’s interest in our church – or more importantly, the Gospel.

I know other pastors have other convictions on this issue, and I respect them. I was asked to join a political party by another Fellowship pastor last spring. I declined, and explained why. He was surprised, but respected my position.

When we were in Barriere, B.C., we had people associated with the church from a wide spectrum of political convictions. One man, a staunch NPD supporter, was the husband of one of our members (oops, I may have narrowed down my preferences with the way I put that last sentence). Anyway, I didn’t want this man to be turned off by my political posturing, nor do I want anyone in Edson to feel like I’m partial to any one party. Some may think this is weak. If that’s the case, I’d be happy to give them an earful, politically speaking. Privately.

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