Monday, January 23, 2006

40 Going on 15

My apologies to sensible 15 year olds out there for my title. Explanation? I went skating with my kids today and joined in a small, simple pick-up game of hockey. On one of the first ‘plays,’ I charged after a puck for a ‘breakaway’ (big deal) like a man possessed (must be the Starbucks coffee). The young goalie came out of the net at me, but my evasive maneuvers are not exactly NHL caliber. I missed the young fellow (thankfully!), but took a flying leap, sending both of our sticks flying as well. I landed on my front side with my arm outstretched and felt some nasty pops in the front of my right shoulder. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I can still type, read and think (questionable), so I should be fine in pastoral duties. It’s a good thing I don’t work with my hands.

My eldest daughter began her paper route today. She encountered a broken step at one of the houses, slipped and hurt the back of her heel – more the lower Achilles tendon area. It’s only a flesh wound, thankfully, but a painful one.

If I was superstitious, I would be waiting for the third thing today.


Dan S. said...

I killed my back at the playground yesterday trying to teach my 5-year old to slide down a pole. When I complain, my wife regularly reminds me that I'm 40, not 15... so sympathetic.

stauf46 said...

Sorry to hear that, Dan. So you're the third thing.

I have a Dr.s appointment tomorrow morning. I'm afraid it's probably worse than I first thought.

I hope your back improves soon.

stauf46 said...

But I'm still not superstitious - God is sovereign!

Dan S. said...

I usually just hope (pray) it goes away.