Friday, January 06, 2006


Ian from Ruminations by the Lake has invited me to participate in a meme (don’t ask me how to pronounce meme or expound its origins, I’m new to this blogging thing). At least it’s not complicated: Name 5 weird things about myself (my kind son said this should be easy for me). Thanks, Ian, for the opportunity to make a fool of myself!
Here they are, in no order of priority:
1). I’m particular (my wife would say obsessive) about how I do dishes. I have to have everything rinsed and organized ‘just so’ before I begin. It used to drive Juanita nuts, but for years now she’s just laughed at me.
2). I’ve lived most of my life in Alberta in evangelical churches and I’ve never been to Three Hills and that evangelical Mecca, Prairie Bible Institute.
3). I know frighteningly useless car trivia from my misspent youth. For instance, the Chevrolet Chevette underwent a substantial updating for the 1979 model year, including a ‘flush mount windshield’ (which was simply a thicker rubber windshield gasket), bigger taillights and rectangular headlights. I’ve never liked Chevettes, but I remember that fact among countless others. I’m still good at ‘name that car’ contests on the highway, tho’ it’s much easier with older cars. Why couldn’t I have gotten into Scripture memory back then?
4). I have long toes with pretty good dexterity. I can pick up things like pencils with my toes and I can move my little toe independently of the others (size 12 feet, if you’re curious – mostly toes).
5). One of my college pranks was moving cars by lifting their back wheels off the ground and swinging them up on a curb or sideways in a parking spot. Honda Civics were easy, but VW Rabbits were better because the inside edge of their bumper was rounded and it was easier on my hands. This trick is easier than it looks, but it does require some strength. The last time I did it was about 10 years ago on the ferry from Maple Ridge to Langley, B.C. A Rabbit Convertible pulled on and didn’t leave enough room for me to squeeze on, so I jumped out and moved the back end of the car over so I could fit on. I was going to Trinity Western University at the time, and I saw a TWU bumper sticker on the car, so I thought it was safe. What a jerk, eh? Now that I’m over 40, I won’t try that again (hernia, brain aneurysm, slipped disk . . .).

Okay, there it is. I’m supposed to tag five people now, but I don’t know five fresh bloggers (victims) and I don’t want to tag people that I’ve never contacted. I would have tagged my new Canadian blogging friends that I’ve exchanged comments with, but Ian has already tagged most of them. Am I a wimp? Yep.

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Ian said...

I wouldn't know how to say "meme" either. In my head I say it "maym" but I don't know if that's correct.
I too am obsessive over doing the dishes, rinsing them before washing them in the dishwasher etc. I also have to have them positioned symmetrically in the dishwasher.