Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Industrious Wife

Check out Juanita's blog - she's been busy! (scroll down to look at all the pictures). Take note of all the nifty handmade things and all the fair ribbons in recognition of her excellent work.

Let me particularly highlight this beauty (not entered in the fair, but hanging in our school room):

I'm doing pennance for not appreciating it enough in person. It really is beautiful, Juanita! It looks better in person - you can't see the texture in a photo. Thanks for all you do, my dear!


Kim said...

Reading about Juanita's activities makes me feel very lazy some days. She is a most creative and industrious lady!

stauf46 said...

Juanita's pretty amazing.

I don't believe that you should ever feel lazy, judging by your blog (and your high maintenance husband's blog).