Friday, August 18, 2006

Frank Turk for President

I came across a Martin Luther quote this morning and it inspired an idea. Here’s the quote (original source unknown and, for this purpose, unnecessary): “I would rather be governed by a wise Turk than a stupid Christian.”

How ‘bout that. Frank is the wisest Turk that I know, and there appears to be no end of stupid Christians. For evidence regarding stupid Christians, I could point you to a thousand places, but Purgatorio is a reliable source for such proof.

I really think that someone with administrative skills should get right on this campaign. 2008 is coming up quickly. I’m afraid that as a Canadian, I wouldn’t be the best person to initiate this nomination.

The person who does pick up this challenge to promote Frank should be able to come up with a spiffy computer graphic. Team Pyro has lots of skill and experience in this area – Frank’s even a member! I’m sure a “Turk for President” T-Shirt” would be a hit. The Pyros need to lighten up a bit; they’ve been awfully serious lately. A presidential campaign should do the trick.


BugBlaster said...

I dunno Terry, he has yet to finish, so I'm not sure he has the time.

stauf46 said...

There's not enough glory in stumblingblog, Buggy. Becoming Commander in Chief is a far greater motivation.