Thursday, December 04, 2008

An Arrest

The news of the arrest of a man charged with Emily's murder has brought, as you can imagine, mixed feelings. We are thankful for this step, and we are particularly thankful for the RCMP's "above and beyond" work on this case. On the other hand, this news brings many difficult feelings to the surface. We're doing pretty well, though we're lying low today. We continue to trust in God for His strength and comfort.

We don't know the man charged, though I have seen him once or twice at different town events.

This begins another phase in this whole experience for our family, but we appreciate the dilligent work of the RCMP and the support of our church and community.


Anonymous said...

we continue to hold you up in prayer and trust that God will bring peace in the midst of your continued storm.
Joy Cunningham

Susanna said...

May God continue to uphold you all through these times. I am sure your community will be glad that this man is no longer at large but it must be a very bitte sweet event.

Brad Harback said...

We'll continue to pray for you all as all of this unfolds. You have been on my mind constantly, and I thank God for the grace He has clearly been extending to you through deep waters. I would love to see you, and am sorry to be living so far away. Being somewhat back in touch with you and Juanita the last couple of years has been a gift to me. Our old friendship is worth keeping alive and I'll try to keep more in touch in days to come.

Anonymous said...

Terry and family.. As news of this arrest spreads through our community, there are many emotions for all to deal with, however none compair to what you and your family, have already, and will go through in the months to come. Please know, that our great town is still behind you all, every step of the way.
As a parent, I can only imagine what emotions this news, has brought to your family..My thoughts and prayers will be with you all. I pray that God brings you all, the strenght you will need, to deal with the next chapter in this story.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that yesterday was the first day in yet another difficult journey for all of you. I am thankful that this creature was not a close aquaintance but it still must be so difficult having a face and a name for the person who has caused you and all of our family so much grief. You are all still and constantly in my prayers.

Your big sis,

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Terry;

Thank you for your honesty in sharing this journey your family has been on since Emilys death.

There are many large questions that many of my unregenerate family and friends have, that perhaps you and other Pastors in town could tackle in your newspaper spot. Some questions that have come up in discussions have been the questions of evil. Why do bad things happen? So many of us, even Christians; fail to understand Total Depravity... without Christ any of us are capable of anything....
Are there unsaved people in church? How do we know we belong to Christ? How does our enemy work? Is he active in the church? or just outside of it? Why do we even need Jesus and the Gospel? Is Jesus really the "only way?"

These are just a few of the questions that have come up recent months.... Perhaps the local Pastors could provide some answers to those who are not yet willing to step foot into church but read the local paper...

Thanks so much!

MagistraCarminum said...

Stepping up our prayers here for you and Juanita and the children. May God provide grace for the days ahead.
In Him,
Chris and Dave Finnegan in NM

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your family. I wish there was something profound that could be said that would make everything make sense. Take care.

rareflower said...

Dear Pastor Terry and Stauffer family,

Since news of Emily's death broke on the news in early fall, you and your family have been on my mind and heart. From the news articles, I knew that you maintained a blog, but I was hesitant to come visit because it seemed somehow like an invasion of your privacy and I wanted to be sensitive to that. However, I did read a bit of your response in various news articles and was always touched, inspired, and awed by your clear and evident faith in Christ, your steadfast reliance on Him and desire to preach the good news in the midst of (and because of) this turmoil, and your dependence on God to sustain you through this horrific event.

I pray that God would continue to strengthen your family and use you as a vessel to proclaim the reality of His salvation to the world around you, both near and far. Reading your blog entries has brought tears to my eyes but it is also such a huge encouragement to me as a fellow believer. Thank you for your obedience and reliance on God. I know it is only the hope and joy of salvation that sustains you!

I was sitting down to write a song last night when the news of the RCMP press conference broke. After I read the news and some of your blog entries, my heart was heavy but also hopeful. The song I was writing ended up capturing how all of this, your reaction, and my own emotional response to what has happened has weighed on my heart and what it has impressed upon me. I will be in touch to comment again when it is finished in case you wish to have a listen.

In Christ,
Julie Leung

Anonymous said...

Terry and Family
I was shocked when I heard of your loss. My thoughts are with you at this time.
Dr. Robert (Bob) Smale

Instant Coffee said...

We are thankful that God has been pleased to allow this arrest and hope that if it is him, he is brought to justice swiftly.

I am praying for you.

Anna in NH, USA

Carla Rolfe said...

Your family has been and will remain in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Please wait until the evidence against this person is in before declaring him to be the correct person. An arrest has been made and he might be the one who did it, but he might not. It's natural to want to think he did it so you have the murderer in custody. But withhold your judgment before deciding. Last think you want is the wrong person in prison and the real killer running free. Let this be a step in the direction of closure, but don't let the arrest itself be the closure.