Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mid December Update

Life has been busy lately. Most of it has been good but some of it has been quite stressful. I won't try to give an itinerary of activites, calls, visits and etc. in this spot. I will say that we are humbled and thankful for all the expressions of kindness and concern that we have been shown. We've done many thank you cards, but we'll never do enough.

One interesting thing that happened recently was that we received a care package from camp - usually that goes the other way. Jim and Wendy from Sunnybrae sent us a pack of cards and notes that came with gifts to the camp in Emily's memory and they included some cookies and other goodies. That was very nice. They also sent along Josh's camera - the one that he left at camp, but thought he brought home. It had pictures on it from the summer, obviously, but one of them was particularly special to me. I thought I'd share it here.

This picture was taken at the beginning of a youth night when the family camp teens and some staff went to Salmon Arm for the evening. They had a dress up box and were able to get spiffed up for the occasion. No, my shirt wasn't from that batch, it was just the one I was wearing that day (it was a gift from a Sri Lankan friend).
I feel a general tiredness and sadness. That is quite expected, I guess. The rest of the family is doing well, considering. We're keeping pretty busy and enjoying each other. Thanks for your continued prayers.


Kim said...

Terry, what a beautiful picture of you two. Such a precious thing to have.

You and Juanita remain in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful picture of you and Emily, Terry! Thanks for sharing it here.
You all continue to be in our hearts and our prayers every single day.
Love, your sis, R

Crystal said...

A great picture what a blessing to find. I remember that night and your shirt LOL.
We were stuck in Hinton my Van was to cold to start. Hope you are keeping warm.
Prayers your way
Us Hintoners

LC said...

Terry and Juanita, you and family are in our prayers too. I'm part of the Fellowship Peacemakers that sent you a quilt, and we forgot to send the little "How to care for your quilt" card that we intended. If you feel that this would be helpful, pop me a note and I'll email it to you. will work.

Elsie Montgomery

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem in the Morning

Bethlehem in the early morning –
the night sky was yielding
to the dawn of a new day

Merchants, Inn keepers, soldiers,
travelers and families were busy
with life’s concerns,
…preparing for another day.

They were unaware, however, that the
night before in their village,
a babe had entered human history
and the world had been changed forever!

He came ….not to a throne,
but to a manger.
He lived .....not as a king
but as a servant.
He chose…not an earthly kingdom,
but a cross.
He gave His life….that we might live.
He rose….that we might live with Him

Vic Salmons and 89 year old from Ontario who writes his personal greeting in this fashion every year.

The last line, He Rose - that we might live with Him forever!
Joy Cunningham

Jonathan D. Groff said...

A beautiful picture, and what a wonderful surprise to receive.

I remember the general tiredness and sadness. For me, I have found, that it ebbs from a continuous state, but that is what resurfaces from time to time for me even still.

Still praying, God continue to bless you and your family.

Love in Christ,

Jonathan Groff and family

Susanna said...

What a blessing to get that beautiful picture. May the Lord continue to bring you through each and every day though your feet and hearts are weary.

Anonymous said...

This is our first Christmas without our daughter, Anna. It stinks.
The memories are good and painful at the same time. Joy and tears mixed. Sadness, anger, and utter dependence on God all at once. It does make for exhaustion as Jonathan noted above.