Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What I Have Liked Lately

As I emerge from my unintentional hiatus, what better way to appease my few readers than a link post? Since my content has been sparse, I hope you can enjoy some other things from around the web.
  • Kim's blog is one of my favorites, but this post raises a subject that should be discussed more often in our churches. Well done.
  • John's blog is always a thought-provoking read. I have recently given him a link on my sidebar, but in my blogging drought I haven't highlighted this fact in a post. Good work, John - I go back because I wonder "what's next?" Great range of topics.
  • Over at Renewing Your Mind Radio, Dr. Sproul is going through "The Last Days According to Jesus" (start at the message "Crisis in Eschatology"). Sure to raise the hackles of my Dispensational friends, this subject should not be lightly dismissed by thinking Christians. If you choose to listen to the series and find your blood pressure rising, repeat the mantra, "If the plain sense makes good sense, seek no other sense." I think Dr. Sproul is following this advice on Matthew 24.
  • If you don't listen to the White Horse Inn, I would recommend that you give it a try. Start with this wrap up message on Romans. It's a classic.
  • This blog is great, but the writer doesn't update often enough (cough, cough). I think she must live in a hectic household or something.
  • Homeschool hockey (Monday, 1:30-3:30 at the Edson Leisure Centre). No link for this one, but I like it better every week. Today I have sore ribs, a fat lip and a headache from various unintentional bumps, but it sure is fun when I'm on the ice.
That'll do for now. If you're sad you're not on the list, please know that I like you too. I'm just getting ramped up on this blogging business again and I'm out of steam now. Whew.


John K said...

Hey Terry,
Thanks for the plug. Good to see you back online, although unlike many of your readers I still get to see you a couple of times a week.

Take Care

Kim said...

If we had homeschool hockey in our area, and if my hubby participated, there would indeed be injuries.

I've heard so much about White Horse Inn. I must make time for it.

John K said...

Is homeschool hockey like the NHL? Do you have drfts and trades, etc?

stauf46 said...

Kim, is Buggy's competitiveness bigger than his skill? That's my problem.

Yes, John. When a faster player skates by, I draft behind them (and watch them score, most often). We 40+ guys also trade stories about what hurt after last week's game.