Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Christianity vs. Spirituality

It is by the Word of God, given to the Church, that all religions and all spiritualities are to be judged. The “faith” of the spiritual seeker and the faith of the Christian believer may, in some ways, look alike but, in fact, they are radically different. The one is the upward questing of the human spirit which speaks of human emptiness and uncertainty; the other is the work of God which speaks of his grace and judgment. As authentic as the human questing may be, it is still in biblical terms, unbelief. For the searching is not a search of the one locus in which God has spoken and decisively acted; it is a searching for its own sake, a searching for its own rewards. In religion of a Christian kind, we listen; in spirituality of a contemporary kind, we talk. In religion of a Christian kind, we accept a gift; in spirituality of a contemporary kind, we try to seize God. In the one, we are justified by the righteousness of Christ; in the other, we strive to justify ourselves through ourselves. It is thus that spirituality is the enemy of faith.

-- David Wells, Above All Earthly Pow’rs, pp. 161-162.


Kim said...

I'm on page 129 of this book. Thanks for the preview.

stauf46 said...

I've been reading this book (with several in between) for a very long time. I read a bit, say, "Wow," and put it down again. I read the first three much faster. I must be getting dumber. I need to devote some serious time to it and take notes as I go.