Monday, January 01, 2007

Oilers Fans Can Laugh a Little Too

Taking inspiration from a Leafs fan, my son Josh did a fitting tribute to the Oilers today.

We're still die-hard Oil fans, but their play of late has not been laudable. We don't blame Roloson - he hasn't had a lot of help - but I think this picture is kinda funny. I'm sure our guys will get it together soon.


BugBlaster said...

I'm sure our guys will get it together soon.

Yeah, that's what I said when Harold Ballard was dumping on Ricky Vaive.

stauf46 said...

Ya, but that's Toronto - and Ballard. Do you remember how he went into fits when Pocklington said the new NHL team in Edmonton could get a cup in five years?

BTW, it's 4-0 Oilers over the Panthers right now. Woo hoo!

Chris said...

It's an Oilers strategy to finish out the year in 8th every consecutive season! It's a good way for them to offload more talent to get a bunch of unknown youngsters which they seem to have trouble holding on to when they just start getting good.

They definitely are not the same team where pronger, peca, and samsonov left the club. I find it quite unusual, considering the free agent market at the start of the season, why the Oliers just never seem to bring anyone in that could be the next superstar. I'm confused...truly.

Greetings from Finland!