Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Visitors in the Church

That's a big head. It's not a T-Rex, though it is a close cousin - just a little smaller (my son Josh is about 6'1" to give you some scale).

Our visitors are here for Vacation Bible School. Our leaders are Vance and Korelei Nelson from Red Deer, Alberta. Find out more about their ministry from www.creationtruthministries.com. They have some really neat stuff on their website. They have a great travelling museum - much of which is in our church right now! More pictures to follow as the week unfolds.


Dan S. said...

Looking forward to your feedback on the VBS. I'll pass this link on to our Children's Director for a future VBS possibility.

BugBlaster said...

Which dispensation is that dinosaur from?

stauf46 said...

I think he must be from Conscience. I don't think they got that big after the flood and he doesn't look too innocent to me!

I like your new profile photo. Are you chasing away bugs with those bagpipes?


BugBlaster said...

Good answer! And that is a big son.

No, just got board with the cute kid picture, and I claim that I once knew how to play the pipes.

BugBlaster said...

bored, not board

Christopher Klemm said...

Hi Terry!

We were blessed to be able to take part in the VBS this year on our trip from Finland to Canada. We really enjoyed the week and the impressions were definitely made on our girls as they still remember some of the key teachings from there. I am thankful that they could join in on such an important (yet often neglected) part of God's Word.

P.S. - I stumbled upon your site by accident while searching for Canadian Christian Blogs. I found you through http://spudfiles.blogspot.com and saw your picture. Too funny how small this world really is!

Blessings to you from Finland!