Saturday, July 15, 2006

Adventure Photos

At least we had pretty scenery to look at while we waited a couple of hours for the tow truck.

Here's the token wildlife shot. Don't tell, but this one's from the Calgary zoo. At least I didn't just scan a postcard!

And here's one that we liked from Ghost Lake, west of Cochrane:


Ian said...

Did you do any fishing??
The pictures look absolutely fabulous. Seeing the one on Dan's blog made me wish I had been there too.

stauf46 said...

No, I'm afraid we didn't do any fishing.

We wish you could have been there too!

BugBlaster said...

Calgary is really becoming world class. They've even got a pushmepullyu!

stauf46 said...

Yes, Buggy, but it's male at one end and female at the other ... or is that possible ... or ... oh, forget it.