Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tiger Lillies

More dispensationalism posts are coming - soon. In the meantime, let me express my kinder, gentler side by posting this picture of some flowers that I took tonight outside our church. I like Tiger Lillies, and these are nice big ones. I also know what they are called. That's no small thing for me.


Anonymous said...

That's lilies. Double "l" is only for names, like for a girl named Lilian and people call her Lilly. Pretty!

rebecca said...

I hope everyone clicks on the photo so they can see what a good photo that is.

stauf46 said...

Thanks, ah, uh, anonymous. That simply proves my disclaimer that I don't know anything about flowers.

Thanks, too, rebecca (one 'b', two 'c's)!


Kim said...

The Tiger Lily is the provincial flower of Saskatchewan. So, thanks from a girl who was born in Saskatchewan!