Saturday, July 15, 2006


I’ve always said that the best part of a vacation is coming home. We arrived home from our six-day trip last night. We had a good time, though it did have some, um, interesting moments. I know that long personal journals can be boring, so I’ll do some quick points:
  • People, as usual, were the highlight of the trip. We did have supper with our blogging friends, the Humphreys and Sudfelds in Okotoks on Monday night. It was a treat to visit with them. It was great to spend time with Juanita’s folks for much of the time, though they didn’t come to Callaway Park with us.
  • We aquired a tent trailer that we picked up on Sunday in Edmonton. We just picked it up, plugged it in and hit the road. Everything worked very well. It was great to have it with the rainy weather we encountered. It didn’t leak, even though it is 35 years old. Thank you very much, L and S!
  • We had a great time at Callaway Park. This was a first for us. The weather was iffy, but we didn’t get too wet. They need to get some more radical rides, in my opinion, but it was enough for the kids (“Storm” was pretty good). Juanita surprised me by riding the roller coaster several times.
  • The Calgary Zoo was okay. I think it will be a long time before we go back.
    Kananaskis Country was beautiful, but it was rainy often enough that we didn’t hike like we intended. The park was lacking in amenities. We have been spoiled by provincial parks in B.C.
  • We bailed out of Kananaskis on Thursday, but our vehicle didn’t make it to Calgary (the intended destination). After an expensive tow and a $400 alternator, we stayed at a campsite near Cochrane for the night. I didn’t know that if you are an AMA member, you still have to pay to tow a trailer. I know now.
  • We visited Pilgrim Books in downtown Calgary on the way home. It is a large used Christian bookstore. I’m sure you would have to go back regularly to find real treasures. We bought a few books and a couple of CDs, but nothing spectacular this time.

On the 23rd, we are going to family camp at Sunnybrae Bible Camp for a week. Now that will be a restful vacation!

I'll try to post a few photos later. Blogger is not letting me do it right now.

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