Monday, December 12, 2005

Home Again, Home Again

We pastors like to bleat about the commercialization of Christmas from our pulpits, but our family just came home from a full day of Christmas shopping in Edmonton (400+ km round trip). Yes, we even went to WEM. It was productive shopping day, and a better use of my day off than I expected it to be. Buying and giving gifts in moderation is a good thing and we enjoy this traditional reflection of God’s Gift to us.

It’s not late, but I’m pooped. I set myself an ambitious outline for blogging this week, but not tonight. I downloaded a message by Sinclair Ferguson on the New Perspective on Paul that I need to transfer to my MP3 player for the gym tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that. Thanks, Ian. I really appreciate Dr. Ferguson and I’m sure I’ll hear a solid presentation on this subject.  

I move around some MP3s I’m going to grab a book (I’m reading the Deliberate Church by Mark Dever) and head for bed.

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