Wednesday, December 14, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different

As I was trying to get my church office back together (we put new carpet in a few weeks ago), I considered what was going to do with a bunch of old Leadership magazines that were given to me ages ago. I was going to take them to the recycling depot, but then I thought, “Hey, comics!” I looked through a couple of them and found some that I found amusing. The comics were always the best part of Leadership, in my opinion. I haven’t looked at a current Leadership in many years.

Why am I writing this? I have a scanner. I have a blog. Hmmm . . .

I worried about copyrights, but these comics are 20 to 25 years old. I think there is probably a statute of limitations. If the author (or his lawyer) contacts me, I’ll quit. This will be random, anyway. I don’t have time to scour old mags for comics. I already spend too much time blogging.

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JFC said...

re: statute of limitations

I am not aware of the laws for Canadian publications, but my recollection re: US Publications ...

Copyrights previous to 1977 were for an initial period of 28 years, and renewable for 2 additional 28 year periods, for a total of 84 years (if I did my math right). Subsequent to 1976, they are for the life of the author + 50 years (I think), or for 75 years if the author is anonymous ... something like that. That is for US, and thereby (I presume) all countries affiliated with the Universal Copyright Convention, for a U S Copyright.

But I promise I won't tell.

Your link list looks good! I have great appreciation for the work of Sproul, Piper, Dever and Haykin.