Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Update

It has been a while since I've written, so I'll just do some point-form personal updates.
  • We were in Calgary on Friday and Saturday. Josh was in an Alberta-wide quiz meet at Calgary Christian School. He did well, and his team finished second overall in a nailbiter of a final. The final between the three best teams went to overtime (between 2 teams) and Josh's team of 4 only lost by 10 points (teams are awarded 20 points for a correct answer).

    Josh and Ocean (a rookie quizzer from our church who did great at her first meet) were adopted by Southgate Alliance in Edmonton and we are thankful for their thoughtfulness.

    Juanita and I were able to announce a scholarship in Emily's memory at that meet.

    It was nice to touch base with some friends on that trip. Special thanks to the S. family for putting us up for the night and to D. and G. for supper on Friday night.

  • Josh and I went to an Oilers game on Thursday night. They lost to Detroit, but they made it interesting. They came back from a 3-0 deficit and lost 4-3. Josh and I had a great opportunity to talk, particularly on the way home. A big thank you to my niece and nephew for making that possible. Josh and I logged about 1400 kms on Thursday to Saturday, but it was worth it (Edson is 200km from Edmonton and 500km from Calgary).

  • We did an interview with a radio interviewer from CBC Radio 1 for a series that is running on Monday to Wednesday mornings this week. I just caught the tail end of the interview this morning at 6:45. It takes a few steps to find the live feed. A 6 minute clip of us talking is supposed to be aired on Wednesday morning at 7:15. The series will eventually be available on the web archives. We're supposed to be getting a CD of the series. The interviewer was Adrienne Lamb. We were impressed with her thoughtfulness and professionalism. She warned us that we will get new media requests after this airs. We've been pretty good at setting boundaries for ourselves, but this is all new. We appreciate your continued prayers for us that we will be a good witness to our Saviour.

  • We are seeing some new people at church. We're thankful and mindful of our responsibility to represent Christ well and to pray for one another and our community.

  • My brother and his wife are supposed to be joining us for supper along with my mom who lives in Edson. We're looking forward to that. Since Emily's death, we are enjoying more significant relationships with our families - particularly my side, seeing as I haven't been very good at staying in touch.

  • So, how are we doing? Pretty well, considering. Speaking for myself, I feel a general sense of tirednesss and sadness comes and goes. God is good, however, and I am plugging along.

  • I can't express how thankful I am for my wife. Maybe Juanita prefers that I don't express much here, but let me just say that next to Christ, God's greatest grace to me is her.

That's all for now. I'll try to be more regular with this blog this week.


rebecca said...

I hope you'll post the link to the web archives when they become available. I'm thankful you are getting so many opportunities to testify of God's grace. And I'm thankful that you have the courage to speak.

Jonathan Groff said...

Thank you for the update. Still praying.

Kim said...

Terry, we remember you in our prayers.

It's good to hear how you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to listening to your CBC interview, Terry, and I really appreciate your updates here. It's a precious way to keep in touch.

It was SO good to see you all last weekend. We think of you constantly.

Your sis, R

MagistraCarminum said...

Dear Terry,

It's so good to hear an update, and know better how to pray for you guys (which we continue to do daily!) Please do post a link when the interview is up online!
I have been especially praying for you as you prepare and preach. May God draw you very close to Himself in these times.

In Him,
Chris Finnegan in NM

Anna said...

We are praying for you this Thanksgiving day. We are thankful that God has given you grace and that He will sustain you every moment during this hard journey. We're thankful that someday, every tear will be wiped away, and you'll dance w/Emily in heaven. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rich and Anna
Claremont NH
(kids were on TPS w/Emily)

Ian said...

Will you post a link to the CBC interview?
Thanks for the update, we're thinking of you guys here in TO.

Annette said...

tis good indeed to have this update.

Drake said...

Glad to see that the CBC interview is up and looking forward to listening to it. Also, praise God that He is still pushing you forward and giving the strength needed to continue in your work and life.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I had looked at this blog last week! I listen to CBC at about 7:15 nearly every morning, but I missed your interview. I'll catch it online later.
It's good to hear that you're still being carried.
I have a coworker who lost her son suddenly to diabetes several years ago When I told her about your loss (and ours!), she said "They'll find out what they're made of." I guess you know, and all of us who ovserve you also know, that your strength is in Christ.
Blessings to you, Juanita, Josh, Petra and Anne,
Your Sis,

Colleen said...

Thank you so much for the update, Terry. It is good to refresh the prayer requests, as I keep on praying for you.

Your honest expressions of grief, and your faith are so touching to read.

We were grateful to hear that an arrest has been made. we'll keep praying for the process, that they have the right man, and that the case is strong enough to make this a brief trial, and to stop him from ever hurting anyone anyone again.

And it was good to hear the RCMP thank your family for support and prayers. What a beautiful reversal of the usual roles! God is at work in you, to will and to do according to His good purpose.

Praying always for your comfort, peace, and now wisdom in facing the media,

Colleen Purdie Fuller