Saturday, November 15, 2008

An Evening for Emily

Juanita and I just came back from a community fundraiser at our local Legion branch. It was overwhelming to see all those people there - bands, local people and media. They had a silent auction as well. We left early (they'll be rocking into the wee hours), but we were thankful for an opportunity to say thanks to the community through that gathered group.

I can't begin to thank everyone here, and I know that it is not expected by the people that set up this event. I will extend a blanket thank you to these folks. I also want to thank the main organizer, Axel Axmann, for his courtesy and hard work (he can extend thanks to his team!).

The funds raised tonight will go to a music camp called Strings and Keys (this links to an old site - it's all I could find, but it describes it well). Besides the ticket sales and the silent auction, we were surprised to hear about some generous gifts from companies and individuals. This scholarship will be a good legacy for Emily.

If you are on Facebook, you might want to check out the Evening for Emily page. This evening is another reminder of how Emily's death has affected not only our family, but our community (and far beyond, from what we have heard).

Update: Here's a link to a Global News story on the event.

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