Sunday, September 28, 2008

Emily Joy Stauffer

May 8, 1994- September 27, 2008

Last night at about 4:45 our precious 14 year-old daughter Emily was attacked and killed as she was out for a walk. We don't know a lot of details, but we know that two young men came upon the scene right away, but it was too late for Emily.
I will write more as more details come available. Please pray for us, for our church family who are meeting without us right now, and for family that is travelling.

We are realizing from the inside the value of good, Gospel theology right now.


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Jonathan D. Groff said...

Terry and Family,

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to you in this difficult time. You have been constantly in our thoughts and prayers since we heard the news last evening, and we will continue to pray for you all in the hours, days, and months to come.

Having lost a child ourselves we are able to at least partially understand what it will be like for you as you begin to try to make some sense of all of this, to grieve, and to attempt to create a new life for your family. Jen and I will be here to talk with you, if you want, as you begin to feel others are moving on but you are not yet ready to.

We know that there are no words right now that can relieve your pain. But one thing that we found very helpful was to concentrate on the good memories you had with Emily. It's okay to laugh and to cry and to remember all the fun times, the silly things she did, the way she would laugh and make you laugh. Celebrate her life!

Love in Christ,

Jonathan Groff and Family

Anonymous said...

Terry and Juanita we heard about the tragic news this morning from Laurie Kennedy about Emily. We want you to know that our family is praying for you during this difficult time. Around the table after our service today I related about your family being at Burnett while we were there in B.C. and that you had moved to Alberta. We will be in prayer for all of you and that our Lord’s comfort and grace be poured out on you all during this time. We thank God for your family and Emily’s life in Jesus.

May you know His strength, power and mercy.

Blessings and Love to you all.

Robin, Gwen Pifer and Family.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you and your family in your loss...

Patti said...

Dear Terry and Juanita,

I am so, so sorry for not only your loss, but the very difficult way you have to endure that loss.

I will be praying for your family.

Anonymous said...

You, your family, and Emily are all in the hearts of everyone in Edson. None of us can imagine what such a loss must feel like. May she always be remembered. My prayers and thoughts are with you

Dave Groff said...

Dear Terry and family

We are praying for you. May God give you strength and courage to face this loss and the evil behind it. Amen to your hope in God and the Gospel.

Dave Groff
Fort Frances, ON

Kim said...

Dear, dear Terry and Juanita. You are in our prayers.

Phil Johnson said...

Dear Terry,

No words could possibly express the depth of our sorrow. We also know that no earthly balm could possibly ease the pain of your loss. But please know that we are praying for you and your family, that God's sustaining grace and comfort will be real and palpable in the midst of your trial, and that He will even strengthen you and increase your faith in the midst of it.

--Phil and Darlene Johnson

Sharon said...

May God grant you His "peace that passes all understand" as He leads you through this horrible trial. And may the Lord be glorified in all things.

With my prayers and sympathies,

A Musician by Grace

MagistraCarminae said...

Dear Terry,

We are praying fervently for your family, as is our church family, and other churches here in Los Alamos, New Mexico. May Christ be sufficient for you, and may you feel His arms of love surrounding you. We are lifting you before the throne constantly.
With love in Christ,
Chris and Dave Finnegan

DJP said...

Oh Terry, I am so very sorry. I have no words; you're walking a path of which the very thought reduces me to tears and horror. I will pray for you and yours, and wish I could do more. I'll pray that your church carries you as you've doubtless carried many of them.

God comfort you from the depths of your souls.

Yours in Christ,

Paul Van Stralen said...

Dear Terry and Juanita and Family,

We are praying for you, grieving with you. May the reality of the gospel give you much strength and good hope! God's comfort and strength be with you.

Paul and Renee and Family

debsbrett said...

Dear Pastor Terry,Juanita and Family, We are SO SORRY to hear about your precious daughter Emily, no one should have to endure such hardships. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time and know that the Edson community will also have you in their hearts and prayers. With faith in Christ, Debbie, Russell, Brett & Jenna Rose

~Mark said...

I can't imagine the pain of the loss of your daughter. I have not yet known the blessing of fatherhood nor the pain of losing that same precious gift.

I have known death in my family though, of the very young and the very old for many reasons.

I have nothing that I can give you to accomplish anything, but I will ask God over and over to supply all that you need not just now, but every time you even think of Emily.

I am so very sorry.

Annette said...

oh horrors...

My prayers so with you in this time of your grievous loss.

May the God all of comfort be with you in this time of incredible sorrow.

Jacqueline said...

Such a beautiful picture of such a beautiful young lady. My prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

I came across a news article pointing to your blog today. What a terrible loss. Our church family suffered a similar tragedy this summer:

I'll be praying for you now when I pray for "our" family.

Anonymous said...

Coming via The Upward Call, and knowing nothing of the valley you are in at this time, I can only assure you of my prayers. With much love to your dear family in Christ.

Blessings from Northern Ireland.

Anonymous said...

We are praying and thinking of your family constantly in this impossibly difficult time.
Our prayers are for strength and comfort as you walk through this terrible grief.
May Jehovah Shalom, out great God of peace, be very near to you all.
All our love and compassion in Christ Jesus,
Joel and Katie Neustaeter

Anonymous said...

Terry & Juanita, I am not sure that you will remember me from Edson days.
But know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers right now. I pray that God will help find and do justice to the individual who caused this pain to your family.
All my love and compassion to you and yours.
Kimberly Severson

Eva K said...

St Catherine's is praying for your family as well. May you know the security of God's faithful care as you deal with the grief of losing your beloved daughter Emily.

Eva Kivell

Julie Lehto said...

Dear Terry, Juanita, Josh and family...our family has been grieving with yours today over the loss of Emily. Our daughter Cheyenne is online friends with Josh via the TPS Summer Forum.

We have experienced the same type of senseless painful loss as my husband's sister and brother-in-law were murdered while camping several years ago. We know the pain and the trials that you will have to walk through over the next few years. Even though in our meager minds, none of this makes sense or seems fair, God is sovereign. I know you know this but at times like these it can be hard to embrace it with your heart. We have to TRUST that His "big picture" is far better than what our meer eyes see.

Emily had a positive influence on many of her online daughter being one of them. It has been a blessing for me to watch how they have come together today to pray for you all, especially Josh.

We will continue to pray for you and yours for a long time to come. May grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ (Gal. 1:3)

Kevin, Julie and Cheyenne Lehto

Anonymous said...

To the Family of Emily and the community of Edson..

I did not know Emily personally, but we live in such a small town that I feel as if we are a family. She will never leave my mind. My heart goes out to you and everyone struggling with this tradegy. I am a fellow teenager and I would like to let you know that we, the young community of Edson, will always keep Emily close to our hearts.

Let God, our community, and everyone else help you through this rough time.

And to Emily. You will never be forgotten.

Sincerly yours,

Carla said...

I've started at least 5 posts but just can't come up with the "right" words to say -- perhaps there are none :-( I can't even imagine the feelings you are all going through and the tough times that are sure to come. Hold tight to Jesus and let him sustain you! Praying for strength and the peace of God in the days to come.


stauf46 said...

Thanks to everyone who has commented. God is good, and we are so thankful for the support. People from all over the world are praying, and that is a humbling thought!

Randy Vanderveen said...

Terry, Juanita and family: We are so sorry to hear about Emily. It came as a shock and as something that seems completely senseless. We are praying for you all that would comfort you in this time of horror and sorrow. Make sure that you spend the time needed to grieve both as a family and individuals and let others be a comfort to you as you so often are to them. If there is anything we can do for you please feel free to call or email. Love and prayers Randy and Cheryl Vanderveen

Anonymous said...

Kyrie eleison. Praying from Calgary, and I have you up here too:

Anonymous said...

So very sorry for your tragic loss, know that the whole community has your family in their thoughts. Many are outraged and I know that Edson, will not take this laying down.

Jim and Nanja said...

Terry, Juanita and Family

We are crying with you. Mourning with you. Praying for you.

Jim & Nanja

Bob said...

Terry, Juanita and family,

We are so sorry for your loss, please know you are all in our hearts and prayers.

Our deepest sympathies,
Bob and Dee Klassen

Anonymous said...

Terry, Juanita and family
Today was a very sorrow-filled day. It is so wonderful to see the power of God working through the congregation of the church, pulling together, sustaining each other and praying endlessly for your entire family here and those in your family who will be coming out to remember such an incredible girl.
Emily was such a wonderful embadssador for the Lord she will be remembered always.
We pray for your children as well, that they may feel the comforting arms of the Lord, as well for you and Juanita that God's presence will sustain you during the difficult road times that may lay ahead of you.
If there is ANYTHING we can do, please let us know.
Our prayers are with you!

Sue and Terry

Stefan said...

I will offer up my prayers for you and your family, Terry. May God comfort and sustain you in the midst of this tragedy.


candyinsierras said...

God be full of comfort to you and your family. Bruce and Candy Webb

Anonymous said...

Uncle Terry and Aunt Juanita and family,

I wanted to let you know that we, your family are all with you. This is such a tragic event that is hard to understand...

I would like to extend my most heart felt love and support to you and will be thinking and praying for you always!

Love and Prayer,

Lisa said...

I am so sorry for your loss. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

bugblaster said...

Terry my friend, I am so sorry. May the God of all comfort hold you tight.


William du Plooy said...

Praying that the LORD our God, the God of Israel, Messiah Jesus will give you abundance of grace and merciful compassionate care at this time of tradgedy, by His Spirit and through the brethren.

By grace alone your humble servant in prayer,

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry and Juanita & family,
Yesterday when I heard on the news of a murder in Edson I thought of you, not knowing it was your family who was so horribly affected. Our church family and my own family will be praying for the care of God to be overshadowing you all at this time. We will take a few minutes in our evening service to pray for you. Bill & Faye Wicks

BChsMamaof3 said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My whole heart goes out to you and your family and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Terry, Juanita and family

Sorry for your loss Terry... You're in my prayers.

Dwayne H

stauf46 said...

We are very thankful for all the support. Please know that God is sustaining us. Juanita's folks arrived this afternoon (as we were at the RCMP detachment making statements).

My apologies to those with blog readers - this is the third edit.

I took the picture off, but then saw that the media already had it. It might as well be back here. It is a great picture of a beautiful girl.

I've only read one story, from the Edmonton Journal. It was pretty good. I'm glad they used my theology quote. Please pray that it will get people thinking.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in the loss of your beautiful daughter and sister.

Anonymous said...

you are not alone

Anonymous said...

I have never met you or your family, but I offer my heartfelt prayers for all of you at this painful time. Blessings to you from Toronto

Anonymous said...

There's nothing more I can add, but I want you to know we love you and are lifting you up in prayer.
Kevin & Deanne Gilmour

Anonymous said...

Stauffer family,
I am from your sister church in Edmonton. When I heard of your immense tragety I was heartbroken for your family. I am praying for you all knowing God will take care of you. Your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

We read this tragic news in the Edm Journal, and linked to your blog. We will add our prayers to those of the many others. May God hold you close.
Dianne and Peter

Anonymous said...

To the stauffer family:

We were shocked and saddened today to hear of the loss of your precious daughter Emily.

We will keep you and your family close in our thoughts and hearts.

Mike and Chris
Edson business people

Anonymous said...

Please accept our deepest sympathy and prayers. As a family with young children, we cannot even fathom the depth of your loss, but marvel at your courage and faith. It is inspiring and humbling, and brings to mind..."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
An Edson Mom

Mellissa said...

Dear Terry, Juanita, Petra and family,

We are so sorry to here of your heartbreaking loss, we met you this summer at Sunnybrae, we shared a few meals together and our daughters Haley and Petra hung out together a lot, we will be praying for you and your family.
Gilbert, Mellissa, Haley, Rachel, Lucas and Jesse Schotel

Anonymous said...

terry and juanita and josh and the youngest
our prayers are there for you and your church .the lords stregth is there over you and guiding you .
your friends from edmonton church
quiz team

LC said...

Our tears and prayers,

Bob & Elsie Montgomery
Fellowship in Edmonton

Anonymous said...

Uncle Terry, Auntie Juanita, Josh, Petra and Anne,

We are all so sorry for your loss of dear sweet Emily. We can't stop thinking and praying for you all during this sad time.


Luke said...

Our prayers are with you... and
even though we didn't even know you, this morning, at church (Living Waters, Salmon Arm - BC), we heard about what happened and we are all praying for you and your family...
May the Lord give you and your family strength at this time.
Love in Christ,
Luke Lara & family.

Anonymous said...

Oh Juanita and Terry, I've been crying off and on all day. Your loss has hit us all, and we are praying for you constantly.
Kim (and Dale) Stevens

Anonymous said...

To the entire Stauffer family,
I came to knowledge of your daughters death through our church here in Edmonton.
I am so very sorry for your loss. As a mother i can not fathom the pain you feel.
You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs to all!
Trish Swain

Bill O'Neill said...

May God bless you all at this tragic time.

Anonymous said...

I have not stopped thinking of your family since I heard and am deeply saddened by the tragedy that hs happened in our small town. My familys thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and friends. Im so sorry about the loss of your beautiful daughter, sister, niece and friend. Ive heard she was an amazing young lady. I will be thinking of you all for days down the road, mnths and years. Our community is mourning the loss of your daughter and Im sure are all affected in indaviduall ways none as hard as you must endur. Once again Im so sorry for your loss and will be praying for you all in your time of mourning.


Anonymous said...

My most heart felt sympathies, go out to you and you family. Our Prayers are with you!!

God Bless!

Amanda & Jesse Bowman & Family

Tracy said...

My fmaily and I are so sorry for your loss. We are past residents of Edson (having just moved away in July) and our hearts are breaking for you. As parents of 3 children, one a teenage girl we can not imagine the pain you are feeling.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Terry, Aunt Juanita, Josh, Petra & Anne:

We are deeply saddened to hear the news. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you all!

Mandy, Kristin & Peter

Byroniac said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. That is truly horrible. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. My prayer is with you.

Malorie & Adam said...

Stauffer Family,

Adam and I are praying for you! My the Lord comfort you during this very difficult time. I am so very sorry for your loss, but I am celebrating for Emily as I know she is with her Lord and Savior.

With Sincerity and Heartfelt Prayers,
Malorie Petersen (nee Vanderveen) and Adam Petersen

Jennifer Major said...

I saw this on and a chill went through my heart!!!!!!!! No, it can't be!! Not Terry Stauffer from school? No? Then I Googled you and found this. Oh Terry, I am crying right now for you and you wife and family. I am SO SORRY!!!
God is the God of all things. I am confident that He will carry you. Like we used to sing, right?
"I know my brother that he will carry you." I am SO profoundly sorry.

Slim said...

Dear Stauffers
I watched the news today, and they mentioned your blog, and so I found it. I want to convey that although we are strangers, we are brothers, and I am praying for you. Only those who have gone through similar trials can really relate, of course.. so I will ask the Father of ALL comfort to pour His comfort into your heart to overflowing..

Werner, a pastor in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Our family is so very sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

It is so saddening to see the picture of such a beautiful girl and read about how her life seemed to be filled with love from both within and around her, only to see that she has made the news because she has become the victim of yet another senseless tragedy. The thought of something so horrific happening to such an innocent wonderful child is unimaginable but has somehow happened. While I have experienced the loss of many loved ones before “their time”, to lose one of my own young children like this would have me sick to my stomach, sleepless for nights, unable to eat and crying non-stop for days….I feel so bad for you and your family…I don’t know what to say. I will pray for you and hopefully things will slowly start to get easier day by day, week by week and month by month.

I am so very sorry for your loss,

Teresa from Calgary

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. A friend of yours told our church this morning and I was shocked and horrified by this. I have been trying to figure out all day who could have done such a senseless act. I am and the rest of my church is praying for you and your family. May God bless you and keep you in this time of trial.

Anonymous said...

We want to let your family know that we are thinking of you & praying that these tragic events will be used for God's glory. Right now it is hard to see how that is possible, but it is a great comfort to know that God knows the end from the beginning so this wasn't a surprise.
Our thoughts are with you,
Rafael & Anna Rodriguez (formerly Slofstra)
Queretaro, Mexico

Anonymous said...

Terry, Juanita and family;
My deepest condolences are with you. I could never imagine what you must be dealing with at this time. Of course I'm praying for you all. It seems so easy to say, Trust in the Lord......but then I know you already do, as did your beautiful daughter Emily.
praying for you
Brad Stoesz

Dale Sanger said...

Terry and Juanita:

I am praying for you guys. My wife and I lost a Son at the age of 4 months old. Totally different circumstances, but we know that God will be with you during this time.

May His Love Surround you

Dale Sanger, Lead Pastor
Harvest Assembly, Toronto

Jo said...

I am praying for you and your family.
I am so sorry for what has happened, Emily was such a wonderful girl and friend, bringing sunshine to everything she came near to.
It's so hard to believe what has happened, but I am praying for you all.

Chloe (a friend from the Potters School)

1 Peter 4:19
Therefore let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.

Tim said...

Terry, Juanita, Josh, and family,
We are so sorry to hear about Emily. Our daughter Melissa was friends with Emily and Josh through the TPS forum. We all prayed for you last night and today, and will continue to ask that the God of all comfort will continue to give you strength.
God bless,
Tim and Carol Ake and family

Cindy Marsch said...

I have already posted elsewhere, but I wanted it here for the record, for encouragement, that my husband Glenn's Sunday School lesson today, on Daniel, began with prayer for all of you. So saints are praying with you everywhere, including Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA.

Cindy Marsch

Bob Kauflin said...


A commenter on my blog told me about the loss of your daughter. I grieve with you and your family at the effects of the fall we continue to deal with.

It was providential that your post on Sept. 19 was from Job, who knew well the pain of losing children. May God comfort, strengthen, and encourage you as he did Job, with a fresh awareness of his presence, sovereignty, and love.

And may these words bring comfort:

Oh Jesus, conquering the grave
Your precious blood has power to save
Those who trust in you will in your mercy find
That it is not death to die.

One day, because of our Savior's obedient and loving sacrifice, you will see Emily's face again.

Anonymous said...

We live in Edson and would like you to know that although we are strangers we are deeply saddened for you and your family. We have and will continue praying for you.

rebecca said...

Terry and Juanita,

I have been away from the internet all day and this is the first I've heard or your tragic loss. I am so sorry.

I will be praying for you and your family. May you rest in the sovereignty of our God who does all things well.

Rebecca said...

Dear sweet family, I do not know you but heard about your precious Emily through a homeschooling email list. Please know that I am lifting you up in my prayers. I pray for God's comfort for you in the days to come. In Christ, Rebecca Brown

Anonymous said...

We are an Edson family with two daughters ages 14 and 16 who also enjoyed walking on the nature paths near our home. Your loss hits very close to home for us. We are praying for you and your family and will continue praying.

Cyndi said...

Oh Terry & Juanita
We are so very sad for you. Our hearts are breaking. We will pray that you will know God in all His strength, His power, and His tenderness.
With Love,
Cyndi, Reid, Caris & Phoebe Nickerson

Darryl said...

I feel sick as I read this. As a fellow Fellowship pastor, please be assured of my prayers and love.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Terry, Auntie Juanita and family,

We are so very sorry for your tragic loss. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourselves during this very sad time.

Nyckee and family

The Klemm's said...

Terry, Juanita, Josh, Petra and Anne.

Words are always difficult at a time such as this . We ask God to comfort you but then realize how difficult that would be. Then we ask God to try and bring you peace and through your responses here and in the media it seems that is the more reasonable request to make. We always count on our Pastors in time of our need and you have never failed. Now we hope that somehow we can be with you through this time in love and Christian unity.
Sheila and I will continue to pray for you and express our great sorrow.

Murray's Corner said...

I'm very hurt, sad and sorry for your loss. Your family will be in our prayers. Emily is dancing with Jesus in heaven now, away from this evil world.

Ruth said...

dear Terry and Jaunita,
My son and I remember Emily from last year, as Daniel went to quiz meets throughout Alberta. At Southgate Alliance Edmonton, we heard of the tragedy and our hearts are deeply saddened, even as the Father-heart of God weeps for you. May the God of Comfort wrap His comforting arms around you and uphold you and may He be glorified. May many come to know Emily's God through this powerful testimony she has left behind. Her passion for beauty in nature and music, her love for God and the time she spent memorizing Sripture verses - what a testimony in such a short-lived life. Emily was beautiful - both inside and out. What a gift for you to have been blest with. May many fond and beautiful memories of Emily live on and lighten your journey ahead.
With much love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Terry and Juanita
Since you first emailed last night, and I read it shock, we have been praying for you all. It was good to hear the prayers in our church tonight for your family and to hear that our former church also were remembering your family in prayer. Words simply can't express our thoughts for you.

Kerri said...

I am so terribly sorry for your loss. There is never a good time to lose a child but to have her stolen from you in such a sensless manor is so heartbreaking. I will be praying for you all

Kerri... a Edmontonian who still considers Edson home

legomom said...

Dear Juanita and Terry,
What can I say but that we are praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I cannot begin to imagine what you and your family and friends are going through.

May the Lord be with you.

Fernando Neto
Mississauga, ON

Anonymous said...

May His grace sustain you,
His love uphold you and
His strength carry you through this most difficult time.
Our family is praying for yours, we are heartbroken by this senseless tragedy.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy goes out to you and your family. I worked at Brightwood Ranch this summer where Emily came for our assistant wrangler program. As she was at camp for a month, I am greatly saddened to learn that such a promising young life has been cut short. My prayers are with you and also with your support system, that those around you may be able to help you look to God and help uphold you in this rough time. Please let me know if you have any specific prayer requests or there is anything I can do in your assistance.
Kim Ward

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Emily was a lovely young woman. May the strength of your family and your faith help you through this tragedy.


rachel shea said...

God bless you and your family in this difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss.

A'litta said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter.

Anonymous said...

Just to say that your family is our prayers. I simply cannot imagine what you are going through. We lost our 15 yr old son in a boating accident and it simply does not compare with your lost. May the love of Jesus wrap His tender loving arms around you to sustain you through this difficult time.


mamazee said...

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I am praying for your whole family, and my children will be praying for you daily along with me in our Bible times. I can't imagine how you feel, but i know our Father is enough, and i'm praying you feel His presence and sense His hand.

jen elslager said...

Our prayers are with you at this most difficult time.
Denny and Jen

Anonymous said...

Terry and family, all at Fairview Baptist Church have you in their prayers plus Mesa Baptist Church, Arizona and a small penticostal church in Edmonton. God Bless.

the Doug said...

Will pray. I found your blog after searching for it after reading the CBC news story.
I'm a pastor in Saskatchewan.

Peace and blessings to you and yours.

Andrew said...

Dear Stauffer's,

Our church family in Valleyview was notified of your loss this morning, and we prayed for you. May God be very real to you at this time. Praying for you!

Rachael Starke said...

We have a precious Emily in our family too. Our hearts are broken for you. May God keep, comfort and bless you in the days ahead.

Taylor S. from TPS said...

Dear Stauffers,

I was a classmate of Emily's at TPS. My mom told me of her death this morning as I got ready for work. I just couldn't believe it.

I am so sorry that this happened. That she died. That we live in a world where bad stuff like this happens to good people like Emily. Here is something I wrote on TPS. I hope maybe it will help you as you grieve. Those of us at TPS who know of Emily's death are with you if not in person than in spirit and in soul during this tragic time of your lives.

Dear Emily,

A good friend of mine died yesterday. The shock of how young she was (only 14) hit me as particularly hard. I couldn't believe it. It left me windless and in shock. How could this be? Why would someone do such a thing, to such a little, innocent girl? She was such a wonderful, compassionate, and sincere person who considered others before herself. Her refreshing sense of humor always lifted our moods. She would have been the next Mother Theresa, Clara Barton, or maybe the next Beethoven. That was how great she was. And in our minds, we will lay her beside the graves of these great ones.

She once said, "I love rambling through the woods . . . ", and indeed, even in death, she was surrounded by God's glory and creation. Now she has all of eternity's time to ramble through the woods, playing her music, riding her horses, laughing in the cool of the day, and walking with her Lord. The saddest thing is that you are the friend that died, Emily. You. Not a nameless, faceless person among the other four billion. It was you--It was our Emily. And though as yet we may hear the echoes of your voice on the wind, we lose no time in missing your smile, your laughter, your infectious joy. Our lives just got a little shorter loosing you, shorter with the sorrow of knowing that, come tomorrow, you will not be with us to rise with the sun and meet all the wonders of the day.

I know you've a long journey ahead of you, dear Emily, so I'll let you get on your way. But know this, dear friend, before you depart to play your music and dance with the King--you were loved by so many people, by me, by your parents, your sisters, your brother, your friends, all here gathered to celebrate the goodness of your live. You gave us so much, Emily, that with us, in the memory of past conversations, of time spent together, you live on. There will come the days, when, we may turn around and wonder if we saw you by that tree over by the fence, or if we heard the sound of your voice. And we would be right. For you are here, with us, in us, in the love that you so generously shared. Our lives are fuller and richer having known the girl named Emily Joy Stauffer.

Thank you for living, Emily. Your life meant so much to me, to all of us.

Anonymous said...

My family and I are praying for you, and mourning with you. God bless you all.

Anna Hankins

John Goulet-Jones said...

Dear Terry and Juanita Stauffer ...

Our hearts go out to you and your family over the tragic loss of your precious daughter Emily. Please accept our heart felt sympathies. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

For the gospel,
John & Trudy Goulet-Jones

Derek said...

I know it is difficult for you at this time...I know thet there are probably questions why God would allow this to happen... I know there will be days in the coming weeks when you will lay awake and ask God why? ... but know this, He will strengthen you through this, and someway HE will be glorified by this. I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail. I have prayed that He will be glorified through this.

In Christ,

Your brother, Derek

maxrelax said...

What can one say to a tragedy like this? I'm so sorry this has happened. Hopefully they're caught and justice is served.

Anonymous said...

May Emily rest in peace. <3

So you and your family know, there is a group on Facebook dedicated to your lovely daughter.

Paul Kemp said...

Dear Terry and Juanita,
Terry and I just learned from news sources re. this tragedy in your family. Be assured of our prayers for you. May God's grace be yours in abundance. May His Word minister to your loss. Two songs to encourage, "Be Still My Soul" and "He Knows My Name".

Peace dear brother and sister,

Paul and Terry Kemp

Al said...

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on behalf of my own family as well as my church family. I will share this prayer need on our prayer chain. If there is any way that we can be of assistance, please let us know.

Pastor Al Litchfield
Evansburg Baptist Church

Alan G. said...


I'm a good friend of Emily's and she was one of my best friends. Always there to offer encouragement, a smile...her banners...her photography...she will be sorely missed. I'm praying for you all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Terry and Juanita,

I have just heard of your tragedy on the evening news. I have no words; my heart is broken for you. We, too, will continue to be in prayer for you - for comfort and healing. I am delighted to see the depth of your faith shining through. Continue to seek Him.

If there is anything that Karen and I can do for you in the weeks/months ahead, please let us know.

Daniel and Karen Peters

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry and Juanita,

I keep going back for comfort to the words of the first question of the Heidelberg Catechism posted today on BookNook. May God comfort you and all those who grieve with you, with these truths. I am praying for you; my church is praying for you. Many, many people are praying for you around the world.

Question 1. What is thy only comfort in life and death?
Answer: That I with body and soul, both in life and death, am not my own, but belong unto my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ; who, with his precious blood, has fully satisfied for all my sins, and delivered me from all the power of the devil; and so preserves me that without the will of my heavenly Father, not a hair can fall from my head; yea, that all things must be subservient to my salvation, and therefore, by his Holy Spirit, He also assures me of eternal life, and makes me sincerely willing and ready, henceforth, to live unto him.

Under His mercy,

Anonymous said...

My Dear Terry, Juanita, Josh, Petra and Anne,

Sleep is evading me, and all I can think of is you, and your beautiful Emily.

We are so sorry that Emily is gone.

Last year, you helped us live through our own grief. When I was in the hospital, Tania had given me a mini-biography written by the authors of Blessed Be Your Name...a song that we have sung often at EBC. I remember as my heart was breaking, the words of this song would go through my mind. It is so incomprehensible that during such times of pain, we can not only hang on to God, but praise Him. As you told me, God is Sovereign. He loves you.

We are praying for you all, and are so sorry for the loss of your Emily. She loved God, she knew Jesus, she is safe with Him. Cling to that.

We love you,

Heidi & Rick Johnson

Blessed be your name
In the land that is plentiful
Where the streams of abundance flow
Blessed be your name

Blessed be your name
When I'm found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed be your name

Every blessing you pour out,
I turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say...
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be your name
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be your glorious name

Blessed be your name
When the sun's shining down on me
When the world's all as it should be
Blessed be your name

Blessed be your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there's pain in the offering
Blessed be your name

Susan said...

Dear Stauffer Family,

I was directed to the sad news by a Pyromaniacs post and just wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear about your wonderful daughter's passing. May the Lord who can keep you from falling do just that during this very difficult time for you all.

Praying for you,

"The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit" (Psalm 34:18).

Blair Walkey said...

Dear Terry, Juanita and family:
"Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn", know that our family is mourning with you right now. We will be lifting you up in prayer, praying that somehow you will know the peace that passes all understanding.
Blair and Karen Walkey

Anonymous said...

I just heard of your tragedy today and was so shocked. I have family who have lived in Edson for several years and spent many summers there as a child. I'm so sorry to hear you have to go through this but your faith will give you the strength to remember all the good times you had as nothing can take that away from you. She's up there and will continue to watch over you all. Again, so sorry...
Barbara Lilly

Anonymous said...

I am so so very sorry for your loss.

Juanita and I went to high school together in Kamloops and the other day I came across her Facebook page. I was in the middle of sending her a message to "reconnect"/say hi when I was called away. I didn't get back to the computer until today, where I heard about the terrible loss of your daughter.

I'm not sure if you will remember me, Juanita, but please know that my thoughts, sympathies and prayers -- and those of many many others -- are with you and your family.

May your faith in God and family give you, your husband, and your children some comfort during this difficult time and in the days ahead.

With much sympathy and love,
Kerry Readshaw

Jonathan Hunt said...

I couldn't pretend to have a word to say to you - God bless you all, we are praying for you.

Dorothy said...

I am so very sorry for the tragic loss of your lovely daughter. I am asking our God to comfort and strengthen and protect all of you.

Anonymous said...

My deepest condolences on your loss. May God's grace comfort you and guide you during this difficult time. God Bless you and your family and, of course, Emily.

T. Stroeder

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Prayers continue for your entire family and community. Words cannot express the sorrow and shock we feel for what has happened.

I pray that Christ will comfort you and guard your heart and mind--giving you courage and strength for each day's challenges.

kerux said...

Terry -
We just now heard of this.
We are praying here in Toronto, brother.
With love in Christ for you all,

Anonymous said...

Our deepest sympathies on your loss, god grant you peace in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

Words cannot convey adequately the depth of my sympathies for you and your family. This horror, this crime against your daughter, against our society, is beyond words. Find solace in your faith and the grace of your God.

Anonymous said...

Stauffer Family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find comfort and peace in the arms of our great Lord and Savior, during this tragic time and always. Let His grace fill you, his love sustain you and his peace heal you.

In HIS grip,
The Spaldings in South Korea

Lori Maynard said...

Dear Terry and Juanita,

Many, many tears have been shed in our home for your dear family. We are still so shocked and saddened.

Our Emily asked us if we thought she could pray to Jesus to ask Him to let Emily know how much she will be missed and to let her know we will be praying for her family. This brought us to the reality that Jesus is giving all things to your Emily that she needs for perfect peace and sinless joy. How unfathomable it is for us to imagine the tremendous glory she is experiencing right now.

I woke at about 4:00 this morning and thought of Juanita immediately, praying for her, knowing that if she gets sleep at all, she still has to wake up to unimaginable pain. I am praying that Christ will continue to sustain you all, to uphold you, protect you and comfort you. May His mercy overwhelm you in these coming days.

We will not stop praying for you.

Lori and Eric Maynard, in New Jersey, with Emily, Matthew, Hannah, Noelle and Josiah

Kenny said...

Aw Lumpy,
I am so sorry. There are no words. May the Holy Spirit intercede for you with groanings that words cannot express. We are praying.
Ken Davis

Cindy said...

I read about your daughter Emily this morning at work.

I cry on your behalf and your family's in hope that my tears that fall will count as your own and are a few less that you will shed.

Grieve...Jesus did.

I pray for you.

Cindy from Ontario

Anonymous said...

From Belleville Ontario, please know that your family and your beautiful daughter, Emily, are in our thoughts and prayers.

Heather C and family

Daniel said...

Terry & Juanita,

I want to express my heartfelt sadness that your family has been impacted by such wickedness. I join countless others praying that you will be powerfully enveloped by the presence of the Lord and that your sorrow will be tempered by His tender touch.

Daniel Werbiski

The Luymes family said...

When the shock was still fresh the girls quietly said,"Can you imagine what Emily is seeing and doing right now, in heaven with Jesus..." and then they all smiled. We are praying and will be there to help you with WHATEVER you need...

Bobbie, Richard, Hannah, Niki and Atina...

Gary said...

My heart aches for you in your family's loss. May God richly sustain all of you and those who knew Emily in this awful moment in time.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts go out to you and your family at this time. We are complete strangers to each other, but we were struck by the news story about Emily, and now by your blog. It is always amazing when people in circumstances like yours can testify to the rest of us about God's grace and love. Praying that you will feel that love holding you very close,
fellow believers in Ontario

Tarasview said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. My heart breaks for you and your family.

I will most certainly be praying.

Mario said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. I am so saddened with the loss of your child. Being a father of fraternal twins, I can not phantom the pain and suffering you and your family are going through. Small words but.... justice will prevail.

Please accept our sincere heartfelt loss of your Emily. You are in our prayers....god bless.

Mario Finelli
Hamilton, Ontario

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. There's nothing I can really say as i'm a complete stranger. I will say that I will pray for you and your family this morning.

Kirk Wellum said...

Dear Terry... I heard about what happened on the news this morning as I was driving into the seminary... but I had no idea that this had happened to your family until I read your blog a few minutes ago. What can I say, brother! Be assured of my prayers for you and your wife at this difficult time. We will be praying for you here at the seminary in Toronto that our God will draw near to you and comfort you as only he can do.

Yours in Christ,
Kirk Wellum

Jane Doe Jenn said...

We are praying for your family, friends, and church family. We are saddened by this news, but rejoice with you that Emily is now with her Lord and Savior in Heaven. "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me is one song that has been touching my heart lately, and it reminds me that Emily will be surrounded by God's glory.

For anyone not familiar with this song who might like to check it out, here is the link to copy and paste:

The Sweitzer Family
-home school family in Kitchener, Ontario

Ranee said...

I only know your names through homeschool lists. My heart and my prayers are with your family at this time. I cannot imagine anything worse in this life than losing a child like this. God be with you and carry you through this time.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry and Juanita and family,

May you know the Comfort and Sustaining Love of Jesus these days. How good to know that Emily is at Home in heaven!

We just heard this morning and are in sorrow with you all.

We're praying for you,

Peter and Christelle Gerber - Ross Haven

Anonymous said...

"The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Stauffer and Family,

Although we don't know you and have never met, your tragic loss has left our household holding you in prayer and mourning for the death of your precious daughter. We are a Pastor's family with 4 children and want you to know, which you already do, of the precious hope we have in Christ, his forgiveness, and His promise of Salvation.

Your daughter is safe now in His arms, and will be waiting for all of you to come home.

God Bless you and strengthen you in these difficult days ahead, days of grieving, but grieving with Hope.

Rev. Ken and Sarah Eifert and Children
Wembley, Alberta

Anonymous said...

Dear People,
You are in our prayers. Emily spent 4 weeks with us this summer at Brightwood. We enjoyed her quick smile and cheerful attitude. Please know that our hearts go out to you during this time. We have passed on the sad news to our staff.

Darrell Abrahamson
Brightwood Ranch Barn Manager
Kelsie Abrahamson
Brightwood Ranch Office

SJarvis said...

Dear Terry & Juanita,
I live in Hinton and I too like to walk the trails nearby. May your faith in the Lord comfort you until the light shines once more.

Anonymous said...

You and your family are in our prayers at this time. May God grant you peace and strength. It seems so shallow to write these words, but He promises to provide all that we need, and I am believing that for you today.

Anonymous said...

Juanita: I am Heather Penner's sister Debbie - remember? Wanted to let you know we were shocked and saddened to hear the horrible news, and have been keeping you in our prayers ever since. The words of the song "Still" from Hillsong
come to me:
Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust

Only in Him will you find rest at this time. May God guide you in the days ahead.

Debbie and Rodo and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry & Juanita,

I have not stopped thinking about you and praying for you since being awoken with the news of Emily's passing. Know that we are praying for you and ask that the Comforter will be near you today, tomorrow and in the days to come. Emily has touched many lives and has now had the opportunity to hear the words of her Lord and Saviour say "Well done".

With love,
Leanne Martens

Chris Kiagiri said...

Dear Pastor Stauffer and Family,

I read about your loss through Bob Kauflin's blog and because of the bond we share in Christ, I am weeping with you and your family.

Your clear testimony of God's sustenance through your newspaper quote about "good Gospel theology," and your recent blog posts on Job and the 'Come Weary Saints' album are a GREAT source of encouragement to me. Because of Emily's death I am challenged to prepare to meet my Maker for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

I am listening to 'It is not Death to Die' and 'Blessed be the Name of the Lord (You give and take away ...)' over and over right now.

May our great Comforter, the Holy Spirit , be especially close to you right now.

Chris Kiagiri
Nairobi, Kenya

Billyd said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time, you do not walk alone

Your Co-worker Until He Returns
William Dakin, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry and Juanita,

Our hearts are broken for you today. And yet we rejoice in the Lord who has strengthened and prepared you, (as much as any parent could be prepared for such a stunning tragedy.)
I was speaking to my mom this morning and she and my Dad are remembering when they met Emily many years ago, and holding all of you up in prayer.
I wish I could be there to offer a hug, or to give some kind of tangible support. But please know that we are praying for you in every breath of this day, and will continue to pray in the days to come.

I am still confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living.
Wait for the LORD;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the LORD.
- Psalm 27

We wait with you to see what glory will come from this terribly sad loss. May his comfort fill your hearts.

In His love and ours,
Colleen Purdie Fuller, Jack and Shirley Purdie

Mike Jenkinson said...

I have no words that could possibly comfort you other than to say that as a fellow believer, I am praying for your family and I trust that Emily is delighting in Heaven this very moment.

Connie said...

The bond of Christ is felt keenly in these times--though we may be 'strangers' you and your family are heavy on my heart and much in my prayers.

Kevin said...

Terry and family, you are in our prayers. May God surround you with His love and comfort!

Janice Leonard said...

Terry, Jaunita and family,
Knowing only Petra and Anne and the vibrance they show, I am saddened to know that your precious child Emily has been taken from you. Our family sends love and support to you all.
My wish for you is to take comfort in one another, and all the love your church and community send to you.
God bless all of you.

Janice, Gerard, Cassidy, and Alina Leonard

Anonymous said...

To the Stauffer family,

How do we express our sorrow for your loss of your little Emily effectively? I can only pray for the parents and Emily's siblings that you will feel God's arms holding you tight and carrying you through this most horrific time. I do not personally know you, but am a former Edsonite and also a parent and I felt compelled to pass on our sympathy. My heart breaks for you and your family.

Ian said...

Kirk told me this morning about what happened. I am absolutely devestated for you. Be sure that we are praying for you.
Our God suffered and died so that we ultimately would not have to. Take heart in the suffering God who triumphed over the grave.

Anonymous said...

Terry, Juanita, and family

I heard the tragic news, 10 pm, the day Emily was taken. It seemed like I hardly slept a wink without a deep heaviness and prayerfulness for you.

I was lifted, though, to see you holding firm to your faith in Christ, "good, Gospel theology"! With Christ nothing is in vain, he will bring good through the greatest of tragedies.

I and my family will be praying for you and your family as our all sufficient God carries you through the weeks and months to come as you face this present life without Emily, for she has gone on to be with the Lord.

Robin Martens, and family

Anonymous said...

My dear Christian Brothers and Sisters.

Though I do not know you personally, the news of the death of your daughter by the hand of a criminal act has touched me deeply. I know there is little that can be said that will take away the pain of your loss. I just want you to know that I prayed for you and your family this morning and will continue to do so as long as the Spirit directs. As for an offering of words of encouragement, all that I can say is that God has not, nor will He ever, abandon you. I present to you the words of Jesus..."Lo, I am with you always - even to the end of the world"...

--Herb Presley, Edmonton

Rod Kolke said...

Dear Terry & Family,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss and I'm praying that God will draw especially near to you at this time.

I can't stop thinking about you and holding you all up in prayer.

Rod Kolke

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of your family all morning, and yesterday. I also keep thinking of the song - Blessed be your name, that someone posted earlier. Even in the darkness He is walking with us! I am praying for you.

M. Martensville, Sask.

Kent and Karen Anderson said...

Terry and Juanita,

Words fail. Grace sustains.

Karen and I along with all your friends here at Northwest Baptist Seminary as well as the whole ACTS Seminaries team offer you our love and prayers.

Kent Anderson

kilopapa46 said...

Terry, Juanita and kids,
Our hearts were broken again but the difference left our minds reeling. We feel your loss but not in the way you are feeling by any means. May Jesus Christ give you peace and comfort at this time and lean on Him completely. You know our love and prayers are with you.
Keith and Myrna

Anonymous said...

To Terry and family

I read on CTV news about your blog and wanted to extend my sympathy on the passing of your daughter. Such a tragic thing to have happen. I am praying for you and know God is helping you during this tragic time.

Bless you.

Anonymous said...

To Terry & Family

I worked at Brightwood Ranch this summer, and even though I didn't know Emily well, she always had a smile on her face when I saw her.

May the peace of Christ guard your hearts & minds through this difficult time.

Amy Hays

Anonymous said...

We were so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful daughter, our hearts and thoughts are with you and yours. Take care, just know that there are many of us in Ontario feeling your pain and praying for you.
your cousin Glen and Laurey Hern

Anonymous said...

To Terry & Family

I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter. She was a true gift from the Lord, taken too soon. May God grant you peace and comfort, and soften grief and tears. My family and I are praying for you all! Bless you.

Anonymous said...

It was at times like this, when someone, especially a child, is harmed so undoably, that I began to wonder what this "great plan" is that god has, what perfect plan can require so much suffering and hurt of the most innocent, and I realized the plan isn't so perfect after all. A perfect plan wouldn't required anyone to suffer. After a gun shot took my dad's life, I decided to part from the church. You shouldn't have to go through this either. My condolences are with you.

Kristina said...

Terry & family - I'm terribly sorry for your loss and will be praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Emily, but I do have friends that were in Bible quizzing with her. I am so sorry for your loss. Words cannot describe what you feel when you lose someone who you have loved so much. I lost my best friend this summer, and I know the only reason I can keep on living is because Jesus is with me always. Emily must be soo happy with Jesus, and having the most amazing time ever in Heaven. You will see her again someday. I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm from South Florida and I heard of your loss via email. Please know that in tears and the utmost sincerity you are being prayed for. May the God of perfect peace minister to you and your family in this time of need.

Compleat Mom said...

The saints at our church in south Florida will be praying to the God of all comfort to console you abundantly in your terrible loss. We bless Him that she is with Him.
2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Caleb said...

I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. When I talked with her at the quizzing meets I recognized Christ in her, and now she is with Him. I thank God that she was a believer and I want you to know that I am praying for you and your family, tell Josh that I am praying for him as well.

Caleb Senneker

W. Bryan Wheeler said...

Dear Pastor Stauffer, Juanita and Family,

May the God of all comfort flood your souls with oceans of grace and streams of mercy--never ceasing...

With love and affection,
Bryan & Maureen Wheeler Miami, FL)

“I am afraid that all the grace that I have got of my comfortable and easy times and happy hours, might almost lie on a penny. But the good that I have received from my sorrows, and pains, and grief’s, is altogether incalculable ... Affliction is the best bit of furniture in my house. It is the best book in a minister's library.” - C.H. Spurgeon, "The Anguish and Agonies of Charles Spurgeon," p. 25

‘Th(e) cross, if cast into a sea of affliction, will alter the very properties of affliction (for) all make (God’s) tried ones… I shall then learn to bless a taking God, as well as a giving God, for both are alike from the overflowings of mercy…’ – Robert Hawker, The Poor Man’s Morning and Evening Portions, p. 159

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Terry and family,

We do not personally know you, but we are friends with Doug and Evonne.

Our hearts and prayers go out to you in this difficult time. We know Emily is safe in our Father's arms.

God bless you and be with you always.

Jerry and Donna Baker
Ardrossan, Alberta

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Stauffer and family
Our deepest sympathy to all of you. May God bring you comfort during this difficult time. I will pray for strength and peace for all of you.

From a fellow sister in His service in Chateauguay Quebec

Anonymous said...

Terry and Juanita,
I am so sorry to hear about your Emily.
I can't imagine the pain you must be feeling.
You and your family are in my prayers...

Sally Sheldrake

Dan S. said...

Terry, Juanita and family,

We have been on vacation in Winnipeg and just found out today through my reader.

Trying to think about something profound to write, but there is really nothing to say other than to assure you that you are in our thoughts and prayers. May our Sovereign God bring comfort as you grieve.

Dan and Marlene Sudfeld and family.

Nella Camille said...

I "knew" Emily from The Rebelution Forums. She was a sweet girl, and we'll miss her. I'm praying for you andyour family at this time!

~Nella Camille

Chelsea G. said...

I have just read of your loss of your daughter Emily on the CBC news website, and although I don't know you, I felt compelled to leave you a little message here.

I just wanted you to know how sorry I am that Emily was taken from you far to soon. I hope that your memories of her will help you through the tough times to come.

May your faith strengthen and sustain you. You are all in my thoughts.

Chelsea in Victoria, BC.

Anonymous said...

There are no words that one can say to be able to make the pain of this loss make sense.

I too have lost a young child in this senseless and random manner, and although it has been three years since the loss of our beautiful 16 year old son Matthew Martins, but it still feels as though it were yesterday.

My husband and I have not been able to grasp the reality of the finality it has placed on our lives, but what we have been able to do is work with other families across Canada in hopes of creating awareness, and changing the Criminal Justice System.
Many of our children's killers will never be punished justly for these horrific crimes, and we now work with our Government to change the current legislations in hopes of seeing the offenders punished justly, off our streets.

I pray that you will draw strength in your faith, and use the love of your family to get through this grievous time.

Please feel free to contact our organization should you need anything at all.

Sandra Martins-Toner

Susanna said...

We too are grieved for your loss. May the Lord enfold you in His arms and grant you a peace above this situation. We read about this on Jonathan Hunts blog and want to assure you of our prayers in the UK.

Donna said...

Dear Terry and Juanita and family,(our former pastor from Barriere)

Words cannot express the deep hurt that we feel for your family. Please know that there are a lot of people praying for you.
We know that God will sustain you now and in the future. We will continue to be in prayer for you.

Love Larry and Donna and family.

Sarah-Jill said...

I am so sorry for what happened to Emily- I knew her a little from camp two years ago, and I remember her beautiful personality, and gentle spirit with both people and the horses we were riding. I am totally shaken even though I hardly knew her, and I wanted you to know how she touched lives just by being herself. What a beautiful girl! I will keep your family in my prayers.

lawyerchik said...

I read the news of Emily's death on Kim's website, Hiraeth, and wanted to stop in to say that I am so very sorry!

In Christ


Heather said...

Praying for you.
Belmont, ON

Gebert Family Blog said...

Joining with so many others today asking the Lord to comfort and surround you and everyone around you who is hurting from this tragic loss with His love and strength.

Tracey Gebert
Surrey, BC

Alan said...

We have never met (and probably never will this side of heaven)but please be assured that as husband and wife and as a church, we'll be praying for you during this terrible time of loss. May God bring you comfort and trust.
Alan & Helen Rietberg
Shenstone Baptist Church
Brantford, Ontario

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Stauffer and family,
Our prayers and deepest sympathy go to you and your family and also to the church family of Edson Baptist. It is hard to find words to express our feelings to you. I will also ask that our students and staff at the Christian school where I teach remember all of your family in prayer.
Arnold and Keren Boulianne
Verdun, Quebec (Chateauguay Baptist)

Mike said...

Praying for you and your family brother. May the Lord be glorified, even in the midst of this tragedy.

Kennedys said...

Dear Terry and Juanita,Josh,Petra, Ann,
Your strength amazed me today...surely God is with you and may He remain so! I wish I could stop crying....
Let us Rejoice in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and may He continue to hold you tight as we , your brothers and sisters in Christ, hold you up in our prayers!

Lots of Love, Lots of Prayer,
In Christ,
Ian, Diana, Alannah, Jessica,Kurt,Sean, Michael, Clarissa

Anonymous said...

To The Stauffer Family,
You don't know us, but we are Al & Sheila's new neighbors. We have not been able to think of anything else since Al knocked on our door on Saturday night. Please know that you are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
Michelle & Tom

Anonymous said...

We have never met, however my heart grieves for your family. You are in my prayers. May you find peace and comfort in the Lord in these difficult days.

Anonymous said...

As part of God's family we grieve for you and your family as you attempt to deal with this traumatic and horrible loss of your beautiful daughter. Our prayers seem so insufficient at this time but that is all we can do to help you. God Bless all of you!

Anonymous said...

very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter. I read about it on the CBC website. Sympathy from the East Coast:(

Anonymous said...

Terry and family; We are so very sorry of the loss you are suffering. Since the new was broadcasted you have not been far from our thoughts and prayers.

Jeff Jones said...

You are not alone - we and others in Christ's body stand with you. We will keep you before God as we pray in the days to come. Words are not enough, but - praise God - Christ is.

May God be close to you and yours in this time.

Your brethren in Christ,
Jeff Jones and family, Calgary

Anonymous said...

Terry and Juanita what a tragic loss, my prayers and the prayers of our church family are with you. I pray the Lord Jesus will comfort you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter's death. I'm pretty sure you've heard this many times, but please remember that she has gone to a better place.

From a fellow quizzer, Levin Tam.

Shari Canam said...

I am hoping that the comments on this site show you the support of not just only our small town but the entire world! This group shows the support you and your family have. All of our thoughts and prayer are with you! My 9 year old daughter did not know your precious Emily however asked me to take her tonight to put a teddy bear in her memory along with the others. Please know even the children are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry, Juanita, Josh, Petra & Ann
We are deeply saddened to hear the loss of Emily. We pray that God will comfort you during this difficult time.
We met Emily & your family from Quiz meets & quiz retreat. We remember her as a very nice girl who loves Jesus.

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