Saturday, September 06, 2008

Come Weary Saints

What music plays on the tracks in your mind? If I stop and think about it, I can usually tell you what song has been running around in the background - usually it is an irritating song I want to get out of there! Lately, however, the tracks from a new album I really like have been playing - not just one or two, several of them.

We bought Come Weary Saints a month or so ago and it is excellent. Follow the link and check out some samples. Look at some of their other albums, too. Sovereign Grace Ministries has been putting out some great music lately. Valley of Vision and Savior are must haves, in my opinion.

Music is a subjective thing - you're allowed to not like them - but these albums appeal to a wide range of folks. The best part is the theologically rich, biblical lyrics.


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Dan S. said...

I agree, Terry. I believe that album has had the most plays according to my iTunes records.