Saturday, September 27, 2008

Desiring God 2008 Messages Arriving!

I was watching hockey with Josh the other day (first televised Oilers game!) and I made a comment about a routine, cross-ice backhand pass. I remarked that I sometimes try to notice - and be amazed at - the little, "ordinary" things that NHL players do. I put myself in their shoes with things I can almost identify with and have to admit that I could never do that. The spectacular stuff is fun to watch, but way beyond my ability to identify with.

I think it's a good discipline to be freshly amazed at the extraordinary / ordinary things - flowers, stars, sunsets, the regular work of gifted and disciplined people. We could all add to this list all day. The ability we have to see, touch, hear; music and good writing, humour - on and on.

I'm reminded of another wonderful "routine" - the practice of the Desiring God Ministries folks to get their conference messages (audio and video) up within minutes of the conclusion of talks and panel discussions. You can find them here. They are all free, high quality and easily accessible - not to mention the excellent speakers.

I would have loved to have been at the conference, but it is a blessing to have such quick access to these resources. Thank you Desiring God folks!

Tomorrow is Sunday. Follow C.J. Mahaney's advice to recognize and celebrate evidences of God's grace in your church family. Take time on the Lord's Day to thank God for His gifts that are evidenced in the small stuff!


Paul Van Stralen said...

Hey Terry, heard. Praying for you, brother. God is with you.

Anna said...

Thank you for glorifying Emily's Creator during this grief-filled time.

A Sister in Christ,

Anna Thorburn

Anonymous said...

Terry, Juanita and family,
We'll be praying for your family and that God will provide you comfort as words just are not enough.
Kam from Parkland