Saturday, March 10, 2007

End Times Tension

I have read some interesting eschatological blog posts lately – sort of eschatological, anyway.

The first one I saw wasn't eschatological at all, but it got me thinking about end-times views (not enough to leave a comment, though). Dan Phillips at Pyromaniacs wrote a post that included praise for Dr. D.A. Carson. Good on ya, Dan. I couldn't agree more. Brilliant is a great word in the case of Dr. Carson. I was not at all surprised, but it made me think about the not insubstantial differences in Kingdom perspectives between Dan and Dr. Carson. Dan's a sharp guy, so I know he appreciates great scholarship from people that he wouldn't agree with on all issues. I hope I'm wise enough to do the same. Interesting, though.

The second one was a little pot-stirring from that very likable, prolific blogger Justin Taylor. He did a sly little comment connected to a conference link. I got a smile out of that one. He did get a reaction in the comments – more than the post warranted. He toned down the title from "you've been warned" to "eschatology" (though the original title is still in the address bar).

The third and last post was by Kirk Wellum expressing concern over some news that he received from The Shepherds' Conference. You'll have to read it. I'll be interested in reading more about this, though I hope everyone involved can keep things gracious. I don't think Dr. MacArthur is doing anyone a service by going after amillenialism.

I hope we're not going to see eschatology wars among Reformed evangelicals. That would be a real waste of time.

Update: I just read Tim Challies' live-blog of the first John MacArthur message. Sheesh. It's his church and all, but what an unfortunate presentation. Kirk was rather tame in his response.

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