Monday, February 12, 2007

Wise Words in Hard Times

True Christianity shines in the hardest times of life. Like a lot of people, I watched the recent illness of Dr. R. Albert Mohler with concern. I'm glad he has recovered and is back in the saddle, but what happens when Christians pray and people still die? Dr. Mohler addressed his illness in a thoughtful way more than once recently, and he did answer the question about prayers for healing that are not answered as we desire. Here are some links:

Dr. Mohler’s Commentary on his illness.

Time article with Dr. Mohler

Opening Convocation at SBTS

In this convocation address, Dr. Mohler talks about his illness and reviews an excellent testimony of a leader who did not recover from his illness, Dr. James Montgomery Boice, the former pastor of Tenth Avenue Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. Dr. Boice died of cancer in 2000. Here is a link to his testimony before his church, the testimony that Dr. Mohler cites in his address at SBTS.

Dr. James Mongomery Boice testimony

Consideration of these matters is worth our thought, prayer and conversation in good times. Grace in times of crisis is not accidental, nor is it purely a matter of temperament. We need to cultivate a good theology of suffering and, more importantly, a healthy appreciation for the goodness and sovereignty of God in the good times so that we will be ready when the trials come.

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