Thursday, February 22, 2007


If life is a highway, I think I just pulled off the 401 near Toronto on Canada Day weekend.

It hasn't been unbearably busy, but things have been hopping. I like to think of myself as a mellow fellow, but I do get stressed about things more than I usually admit.

Juanita has chronicled some of the happenings on her blog, including our daughter Emily's baptism. That was a good day!

The next day we went downhill skiing at Silver Summitt, a neat little hill about an hour north of town (it was big enough for us!). Juanita and Anne didn't do the downhill thing, but it was the first time for Emily, Petra, Josh and dad. I must admit, I wasn't too impressed for the first bit, but once I got the hang of it, it was lots of fun.

We had our church annual meeting last night. It went very well. I always get nervous about annual meetings, but they haven't been a problem here in Edson. Still, that is the reason that I've been uptight lately. We're thankful for our church. We have a lot of fine people here. I do hope we can stay for a long time. 10 years in September. So far, so good.

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Dan S. said...

I hear ya, brother.

Looking forward to some mutual refreshing as we meet on Monday. You are going to be there, correct?

I'm bringing the whole family up to Edmonton on Sunday already.