Thursday, December 28, 2006

We Love Our Suburban ...

... when it runs.

I went to the big city (Nanaimo) with my father-in-law today to buy a computer. Juanita went out to start the Suburban and it wouldn't start. It would crank, but not fire. When I got home, I called CAA and found out that the local garage is "just swamped." Great. We were planning on heading home early tomorrow morning. They say they might be able to get at it tomorrow afternoon. They towed it away and we'll see how it goes. We're not too stressed about this, it's just life. Any vehicle with 266,000 km on it will have some occasional problems. It's easier to handle problems closer to home, though.

For John and Garry's benefit: Yes, the fuel pump is running and I checked the spark (it looks kinda weak). Any other suggestions would be welcome - from anybody!

If you think about it, we'd appreciate your prayers. I'm supposed to be preaching on Sunday. As a lady in our church says, "God knows all about it.


rebecca said...

Well, we had a few suburbans over the course of the years, and they are notorious for having fuel pump problems. I think that's the only problem we ever had with them, but that happened every couple of years.

Oh...I remember one more thing. They don't run very well on gas with ethanol.

rebecca said...

...or high ethanol content, I suppose it is.