Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mystery Picture Revealed

We had winter weather on the way to Vancouver Island from Edson. The roads required careful attention, but we made it just fine.

One of the highlights of winter driving in the mountains is the beauty of the snow on the trees and mountains. On one stretch of road, the snowy trees just popped out at us (if you know what I mean). The sky was overcast at the break of day, giving a filtered light in the mountain pass. We should have stopped, though it's not likely that our camera could have captured the beauty of that scene. Juanita decided to take a picture through the windshield as we were travelling, but, given the low ambient light, the camera didn't have a chance to focus at highway speeds. The result of this attempt is the "mystery photo." It is a picture of highway 16 west of Jasper. The snow on the dark trees stood out and the rest of the scene was a rich mix of blues and black, as you can see.

Even though it "didn't work," I still like this picture. I'm using it as my desktop background on my laptop.

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