Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dear Purgie,

My daughter just came back from her kid's club with one of these:

I'm usually against such things (maybe it's the latent Mennonite in me), but she's only seven and she thinks it's cool.

What should I do?

Iffy Iconoclast


Ian said...

I'm not into those things either, being a bit of an iconoclast myself. But I would chalk this one up to the "choose your battles wisely" categories. I'm sure there'll be bigger issues in her life to deal with. Letting this slide won't make her feel like you're nitpicking.
Love the duct-tape pic by the way!!!

stauf46 said...

Thanks, Ian.

When it comes to adiaphora, sometimes it's just best to laugh a little. My little girl was sitting beside me when I wrote this post and we both got a kick out of it (she even guessed who "Purgie" was).

Ian said...

Who was Purgie???

Annette said...

Is it worth a battle?
I can see her thinking it's cool.

Perhaps talk about it with her. And go from there. :)