Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A New Addition

We finally got a kitten yesterday. I'd been dragging my feet for ages, but I was outnumbered.

Here it is:
Oh, wait - wrong picture (when you see the right one, you'll understand the confusion):

Our friend Roy, the dad of the home we got the cat from, called the kitten Sylvester. I thought that was a perfect name. Turns out the cat is a she. We can't have a male name now, can we? I don't know if we've settled on a name yet. I've been told it's "Princess Arjumund." That's a modern literary allusion - To Say Nothing of the Dog. Mandy (?!) for short.

Honestly, it's a cat. I don't care what we call it. Really, I don't.

Nope, not at all.

Just not "Princess" please.

As you can tell, I've been really negligent with my blog lately (it's not getting any better with this post, I know). I do have ideas, but by the end of the day, I'm just out of gumption.

Happier News: The Oilers beat the Flames by 2-1 tonight, ending a streak by the Flames. That certainly perked me up!


Miliuel said...

Princess is a whole lot better than 'Mandy'.

Mandy... there's a minister handy... gah.
Remind me never to watch 'White Christmas' again.

Cyndi said...

Hi Terry,
Here I go searching for you and I find you in the blogsphere! I was painting my kitchen tonight and letting my mind wander...and no it doesn't ALWAYS wander, okay so maybe it wanders occasionally but.... anyway - you popped into my head. Well, actually not you, but a phrase that still makes me smile and ALWAYS makes me think of you. What phrase you may ask..."How should rhino?" bahahahahahaha

I'm going to try to find your email address and catch up with you
~Cyndi Nickerson

Dan S. said...

Your post was going so well until you threw in the last bit. Ugh!

stauf46 said...

Cyndi! Welcome! I'm going to go leave a comment at your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey. This is the only way I know to contact you. I am really sorry.
Third son of hobbits8.