Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Evening Surprise

Unless something special is happening, our Sunday evening service is a tough sell. There were only four people out tonight (not including me), plus two visitors from Sri Lanka, of all places.

Niluka and Ruwan have been in Edson for one week. They have been planning to come to Canada for three years, learning English and getting everything in order. They are here on a three year work visa and hope to get permanent resident status after that. They hope to help more of their family members make it to Canada eventually. They are working as cooks at Boston Pizza.

Niluka attended a Baptist Church in Sri Lanka and his friend Ruwan is a Catholic. They may have to work most Sunday mornings, but they say they will come on Sunday evenings and perhaps Wednesday nights.

If you think of it, please pray for these fellows. They are bound to experience culture shock and loneliness. I hope our church family can help them feel more at home here.

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rebecca said...

Wow! From Sri Lanka. That's exciting.