Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shop Class Project

My son bought his first car from some church friends. We had it towed home today and made some space for it in the garage. Josh is only 14, so we have some time to putter before he gets to drive this thing (and save for insurance). This Suzuki Swift is not very swift - even though it is the GT model with a whopping 100 hp (vs. the 50 or so for its Sprint / Firefly cousins). It has an automatic transmission that is not transmitting very much power. That's why Josh could afford it. Being a homeschool family we needed a shop project. This will be it. It looks good - even if it never works again (but we're optomistic at this stage).

1 comment:

Juanita said...

Look at that nice, neat garage. Wow! Quick, take a picture!

The car's nice, too.