Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Great Audio

There is a quote from J. Oswald Sanders in Spiritual Leadership something to the effect of "do not waste your time reading good books; read only the best books."

Sanders' advice really comes in handy when surfing the web. Looking at "good" stuff can take years from your life if you let it. There is a ton of good stuff on the internet, obviously (along with the junk), but I'm finding there's too much of the "best" stuff, too. At least when you're sitting where I am. It is worthwhile picking through some of these gems, however (things that are recommended and free get my attention first). Here are some longstanding favorites in both text and audio formats (I'll only hyperlink the ones that aren't on my links already - I'm lazy):
I've recently discovered the MacLaurin Institute MP3s, thanks to Justin Taylor. I recognize several names, but I've only listened to about four messages so far. It'll take me a while to get through these. These messages are a mixed bag - from Don Kistler to Richard John Neuhaus (and who knows who else among the "strangers"). It is good for me to listen to people that I don't agree with, for a change. This doesn't jive with the Sanders quote above, I guess, but listening for error occasionaly may help my critical faculties and keep me from "boy in a bubble" syndrome.

Take Peter Kreeft for example. I read his Between Heaven and Hell many years ago and really enjoyed it. He has two messages on the MacLaurin list on Tolkien. I appreciated these messages, but his theology shows. A post on this will be coming soon.

Last week I listened to the first message by Vishal Mangalwadi (at the very bottom of the linked MacLaurin Institute page above). It was excellent. I downloaded the series and hope to listen to them all. I really appreciate his perspective from the East (and I don't mean Nova Scotia).

On the way to Edmonton today I listened
to Ken Myers on music and culture. I thought it was fantastic. I tried Alvin Plantinga on "Against Materialism," but I couldn't keep awake for that one. As I was driving, I though it would be best to try something else.

I listened to the last Desiring God 2006 message on the way home. It was the message by John Piper. That is a "must hear" piece, though if you know Piper, you already know some of the message. If you haven't heard these messages yet, get them. They're free. I'll even give you the link again. Here it is. Go get them - stream them, download them, whatever.

I don't have enough hours in the car or at the gym to keep up with these messages, but I'm having fun trying.

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Dan S. said...

I'm finding there's too much of the "best" stuff
You're bang on, Terry. If only we had a jobs where we could drive to Edmonton every day.