Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oilers Win Again!

What a wild and wooly third period! 8 goals! 3-0 series lead now.

Hey, I just noticed that this Blogger "create" page has Oilers copper and blue! Way to go, guys!


Dan S. said...

Looks like the sand and bark mulch will have to wait until mid-June.

Ian said...

What a crazy game. It made for good entertainment, that's for sure. But man alive, I couldn't believe how many goals they gave up in the third! I was yelling at my TV. I think the Ducks were a stronger team last night, they were constantly in the Oiler zone.
Tomorrow should be a doozy.

stauf46 said...

My son and I had a talk about whether the Oilers earned the win last night. I hear what you're saying about the zone thing, that's been the case all three games. When you analyze the quality of the goals on one hand and the defense on the other (save for a the brief third-period panic), the Oilers did play well. The teams are closely matched, but the 3-0 result is not a fluke.

Ian said...

You're right. I'm also not taking into consideration the flu bug that swept across their bench. They sure looked tired by the end.
We'll see what happens tonight!