Monday, May 22, 2006

Even the Finch is an Oilers Fan

(I think he's a bandwagon hopper. He hops a lot anyway).

How 'bout them Oilers, though?! Six straight wins and they're playing at home tomorrow and Thursday!

I hope to put up my next post on blogging tomorrow. I worked on it last night, but I need to let it sit and settle a little longer (don't get your hopes up - I'm shooting for "presentable" with this post).

Meanwhile, there's always hockey!

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Ian said...

I'm a Flames (or should I say, Shames?) fan with many thanks to Clint for getting me on the wagon. But I'll tell ya, I've been loving watching the Oilers. Although I do have to admit that Anaheim has been the stronger team! But Rollie the Goalie has been outstanding!