Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hockey? Hoogly!*

My eldest daughter (who turned 12 on Monday) has been bugging me to do another post. Here it is, my dear. It would be longer, but she wasn’t going for my deal. I said that I would be happy to sit and blog this evening before Bible study if she would do extra chores. My blogging apparently isn’t that important to her. She hates when I mention her in my blog (or so she says), so this is my way of saying, “Don’t bug me.”

Part of the reason I can’t do a serious blog post tonight is that the Oilers are playing the Sharks tonight, and losing again. They’d better pull this out of the fire, or, or … I’ll have to do something else with my time in a few days. That would be just wrong. The Senators are down 3-0 (the Oil are close to that). Go Canada!

*The word "Hoogly" copyright © 2005 by Paul W. Martin, a division of the Martin Family. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


Dan S. said...

You must be prophetic. Oilers win! Oilers win! Feeling kind of groggy today after staying up till almost 1 am.

You're the 2nd person I've seen make use of the word "hoogly" - the other being a certain Paul Martin. I imagine not many use the word because credit must be given every time.

stauf46 said...

Ya, Paul's word isn't catching on, though I thought it had nice assonance when used with "hockey."

Imagine if every word came with a trademark!

I'm feeling better about the Oil, but it took them a long time to put away the Sharks last night. They are improving every game, though, which is encouraging.

kerux said...

Terry -
How did I ever miss this post of yours!
So glad to see your proper and excelllent use of the word. You have done well.
And I especially commend you on the fine inclusion of copyright information... no matter what that Dan guy says!